Geronimo Bejarano

Geronimo Bejarano



Last week I decided to withdraw from Chiropractic school after 2 years and 100k in student loan debt. I'll be making a thread about my experience and why I think american Chiropractic school system is broken beyond repair. 1/10

From the first day when the President came to talk to my first semester class, I asked him why he hadn't signed the International Chiro Education Agreement (or Choosing Wisely. He said because he didn't like to take a stand. This was red flag 1. 2/10

Things that I've been taught/forced to answer on tests range from adjustments (SMT) can help with HIV to prevent miscarriages. This is not just a Palmer thing, I have friends throughout all the American Chiro schools that have had to "learn" things similar to this. 3/10

We had more semesters (3) of Chiro philosphy aka subluxation cause "dis-ease" than we had public health (1) or research methods class (1). We also had 2 semesters of line drawing on XRays (pre/post xray to detect subluxation BS) but only 1 on active rehab 4/10

When I got to the clinic part of the schooling, I realized really how doomed American Chiro actually was. The students about to graduate would "pass down" patients that have been coming for their weekly adjustments for years. We were supposed to keep them coming back weekly. 5/10

Along with basically only seeing patients that have been convinced to come in for their weekly adjustment(s), we are also forced to take at least 20 xrays in order to graduate. So even if the person doesn't meet the requirements to xray, we have to xray 20x's or not graduate 6/10

I don't regret my 2 years in Chiro school. It allowed me to meet some of the people who've most influenced my career so far @Bcsiernik @James_J_Young @jeubanksMD and allowed me to be part of projects (even have 1 pub last year). 7/10

Chiro school also allowed me to be part of ongoing projects with some of the people I most look up to in MSK @zadro_josh @chadcookpt I'm thankful for their continued support of me and my iffy at best ideas. 8/10

That all being said, there are (~15?) Chiro schools in America graduating ~200 students a year that cost 120k in tuition with new grad pay being lower than new grad PT pay. While teaching at worst 1800's pseudoscience and at best 1980's MSK hypothesis 9/10

So what's next for me? My gf got an amazing job opportunity in Austin so this summer we are moving to Austin, TX. Where I hope to begin a MPH in Epidemiology that will lead into a PhD. I'd also like to thank @billkohl for always being available to bounce my ideas off of. 10/10

My classmates hosted me on their podcast if anyone desires to hear some expanded thoughts on what we feel could change to hopefully push the needle:

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