Miyacest // NSFW It was a game of chicken. One that the blemishes all over their skin can tell you they knew well. Atsumu pushes Osamu onto the bed. Spitting a bet over a pudding like they always did. This one, however, was different.

"Tell me to stop if you are a bitch." Atsumu laughs. His hands tease the hem of Osamu's shorts as if slipping under the fabric would burn his brother's skin. His mouth is gaped as his eyes remain focused on barely grazing Osamu's skin.

Osamu snorts, muttering under his breath. "I'd rather fucking die. Ya can't win a pudding out of me." Atsumu pushes forward. Leaning onto Osamu's chest so that he had to lean on his elbows. He was determined to call his bluff.

His hands press past Osamu's waist and glide down to grip his ass. His face hovers over Osamu's; who is sporting an equally red blush over his cheeks. His next breath is quiet. Like a plea. "Tell me to stop."

Osamu doesn't answer him then. Choosing to turn his head to the side and squeeze his eyes shut. Atsumu sighs into his neck. "Ya always take the easy way out huh." His lips breathe warmth over Osamu's neck. His hands slide Osamu to the edge of the bed.

Atsumu's lips all but touch Osamu on his way down on his knees. Osamu's stay bitten between his own teeth. "Yer such an asshole." He manages, when Atsumu leaves his space. "Yeah." Atsumu grunts when he slides Osamu's pants off. Osamu squeezes his knees together.

Atsumu just smacks his knees apart sucking air between his teeth. "Tell me then." He murmurs, when his lips drag down Osamu's inner thigh. "What?" Osamu questions, he has to crane his neck to see Atsumu from in between his legs. "Tell me to stop." Atsumu's hands disappear.

Osamu let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding. Schooling his face to come off as willed. "Ya can't get me that easy." "I think I could actually." Atsumu's fingers circle his rim. They are cold to touch and slimy from whatever he just coated them with.

Osamu jumps but doesn't move to deny him further. "huh?" "Get you." Atsumu slips a slick finger inside. Osamu sucks in a breath, watching him with lidded eyes. "Because you make it easy for me." Atsumu chides when Osamu doesn't respond.

It's an easy game. Getting Osamu to curl over every time he grazes that sweet spot. Even easier to have him gripping the sheets to keep from shifting up the bed when Atsumu fucks into him. "Haah- Samu. C'mon. Look at me."

Swollen gray eyes meet his and Atsumu does his best not to nut right there. He's got a tight grip on Osamu's cock and his knees are smarting with the rug burn he's giving himself but he's determined to win. "Tsumu- I swear to god." Osamu barks from under him.

Atsumu squeezes his grip even tighter. "What? Did ya want something?" Osamu scowls at him, but that soon melts into a gasp when Atsumu slams into him. "Yer such a dick. Let me come." "I never said you couldn't, go ahead." He says, while not letting go.

Osamu thrashes slightly under his weight but throws his head back when Atsumu rolls his hips just how he likes it. "Fuck-" Osamu's voice is hoarse, the veins in his neck poke out as if he's the one who's been grinding his hips for the better half of an hour.

Atsumu curses when he feels Osamu's walls fluttering around his cock. "Shiiiiit." He's so close, his can only see Osamu's tits jiggling as he fucks into him harder. Atsumu's hand flies up and down Osamu's shaft, deaf to the cries filling the room.

The sound of slapping and wet squelching is barely audible over Osamu's pleas. "Tsu- ah! God. I- fuck!" Atsumu's mouth hangs open and he pushes Osamu's knees into his chest. "Hnnn- I just- Atsumu! Ah- Stop!" Atsumu sees white and kicks his hips a few more times.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk." He groans into Osamu's neck. He mouths at Osamu's skin, rolling his hips until his soft cock slips out. Osamu has his arm over his eyes and his torso is covered in thick white. "I win." Atsumu gives him a blindingly cheeky smile.

Osamu rolls his eyes and smushes a cum covered hand into his face. "Whatever scrub." Atsumu flinches, opting to lick the hand that assaults his face. On the inside he longs for a day when they can roll around in the sheets without having to call it a game.

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