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What she says / What she really means Stop falling for the lies. MUST READ

Women say : "I want a 50/50 relationship." Translation : I want a 80/20 relationship where I have my way most of the time. I'll let you have your way on the days when I'm in a good mood

Women say : "I will be with you forever." Translation : "I will be with you until you cheat on me or until I get bored with you."

Women say : "I'm a Christian and I don't believe in sex before marriage." Translation : "I've fucked way too many guys and I'm trying to balance that out by not having sex for a while."

Women say :"I don't fuck guys on the first date." Translation : "I don't fuck guys on the first date anymore. I used to and had a great time back then."

Women say :"Relationships are about compromise." Translation : "Please do what I say."

Women say : "I want a romantic man." Translation : "I want a man who spends money on me."

Women say : "I still believe in chivalry." Translation : "I expect many fancy and expensive dates before we have sex."

Women say : "I like the bad boys." Translation : "I'm a drama addict."

Women say : "I don't like doing blowjobs any more." Translation : "I am not sexually attracted to you any more."

Women say : "Oh my god you are SUCH an asshole!" Translation : "You really turn me on and that pisses me off."

Women say : "My husband is a good guy / good man / good father / good provider." Translation : "My husband is boring the shit out of me. I need to fuck another man ASAP."

Women say : "I don't feel like you love me." or "I don't feel like you value this relationship." Translation : "You're not conforming to my agenda. Please start."

Women say : "Where is this going?" or "What is this to you?" or "What am I to you?" Translation : "You have not asked me to be your girlfriend yet and that disturbs me. Please get with the program and be my official boyfriend so I can finally relax"

Women say :"I would never marry a man who wanted a prenup." Translation : "I want the option of divorcing anyone I want and getting free money for it."

Women say :"I want a nice guy." Translation : "I've fucked too many men lately and I'm feeling a little guilty about it."

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