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The first time I got paid $10,000 for my service… I knew I was unto something. And yet… I couldn’t believe how simple it was to do this. Here are ALL the details of the system I used. And how to set it up in 3 hours or less. /Thread

Today I’ll show you: How to turn your $0 PDF consumer into a $10,000 client. This is not clickbait. And you can achieve similar results. Just follow along. Let’s go:

First thing you’ll need is to create a $0 PDF. A one-pager you'll give away for free. Something as simple as a: • Resource Library • Cheetsheet • Checklist • Template There are a few conditions though…

The PDF should give the reader a quick win—something they can put into practice as soon as they download it. And it MUST be related to your service. Next, let me show you the funnel to turn the $0 PDF consumer into a $10,000 client:

It’s a 3-step funnel: Auto-DM Tweet → Automated Emails → Sales Calls Best thing? All this can be automated. Now, a quick disclaimer:

You’ll need 3 software to make this work. 1. Twitter Auto-DM - I use HypeFury 2. Email marketing - I use ConvertKit 3. Booking software - I use Calendly Hypefury costs $19/mo ConvertKit $15/month. Calendly is free. Now… WTF is an auto-DM?

The trick is to use HypeFury’s Auto-DM feature Here's how it works: Tweet something saying you’ll DM people a gift when they retweet your tweet. And Hypefury will send a direct message automatically with the link to the $0 PDF. Next… do this:

Create a landing page with ConvertKit. And set up an email automation. Now… Be not afraid. Because ConvertKit makes is super easy to set these things up. The important thing is what you say in your emails. And that’s exactly what I’ll show you right now…

Anyone who downloads the $0 PDF should get 6 emails. Email 1: Welcome Email 2: Your story Email 3: Small Win Email 4: Frustration Crusher Email 5: Case study Email 6: Hard pitch Let’s talk about each...

Email 1: Welcome Introduce yourself. Describe the benefits of staying subscribed. Say thank you. End with a cliffhanger.

Email 2: Three-Act Story ACT ONE: Provide your background Describe the problem you faced ACT TWO: Describe the actions you took Outline the results ACT THREE: Reflection: Reflect on your journey Call to Action: Ask readers to book a call Closing: End with another cliffhanger

Email 3: Small Win Say something short about yourself or your business. Then give reader access to a free video or resource. The video should 8 to 15 minutes long. And it should offer immediate relief for ONE pain point.

The simplest way to create this video is with Google Slides. It’s as simple as to: • Outline a few steps. • Make each step an individual slide. • Add 5 bullet points to each slide to expand the idea. • Then record yourself with Loom

Email 4: Frustration Crusher Keep it below 300 words long. Show how to fix ONE problem. Offer an unusual insight about it. And close the email with a CTA to book a call with you.

Email 5: Case study It could be a video or plain text. You case study topics are: 1. Client overview 2. Project overview 3. Client goals and challenges 4. Solution and implementation 5. Results (metrics and benefits) 6. CTA to book a call

Email 6: Hard pitch Sell the call. Describe the benefits of booking the call with you. Set expectations. End with a CTA to book the call with you.

Next… The Sales Call. During the call: • Identify pains • Identify goals • Find the gap between where they are and where they want to be • Ask what prevents them from fixing the problem themselves • Show offer • Pitch • Overcome objections

Why this process works? It’s because you’re tapping into people’s: Needs & Frustrations. From the $0 PDF to the Emails to the Case Studies… All of them are tickling people’s desires. Best things?

You do the work once. And let the automation do the hard work for you. So with the right strategy... And a little bit of effort… You can turn your $0 PDF consumer into a $10,000 client.

To summarize: → Use Hypefury’s auto-dm feature → Give away a $0 PDF → Automate a few emails with ConvertKit → Let people book calls with you using Calendly → Close people on the phone

Want more? Join the Waitlist for my Mountain Range Program. Go from one-peak income... To a mountain rage income... Using digital products and turning buyers into high-ticket clients.

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