Dr. Doug Corrigan

Dr. Doug Corrigan



1/ Could it be that “someone” engineered a highly toxic Spike protein sequence, with the following properties: 1. Furin Cleavage Site 2. Nuclear Localization Signal 3. High Affinity for ACE2 and Neuropilin 4. Superantigenic regions (SEB, etc) 5. Molecular Mimicry Regions

2/And this same “someone” knew that this same exact amino acid sequence would then be sold as a “vaccine” which is packaged into an mRNA delivery system to convert our cells into toxic Spike protein synthesis machines?

3/This “someone” would know that the virus would quickly attenuate these engineered pathogenic signals via mutation and selection, and thus the virus would trend towards being innocuous; however,

4/the ancestral highly “toxic” and pathogenic sequence would find itself as the primary means of “vaccination” for billions of people.

5/Waning immunity and a relatively fast mutating virus would create the perceived need for perpetual boosters, and the ancestral toxic Spike sequence would take center stage, even in the bivalent version.

6/The genetic basis of the “vaccine” and perpetual boosters would allow the near-perpetual expression of this toxic protein in the human host.

7/That’s just too much for my brain to fathom. Surely someone couldn’t be this devious. If this is true, then the virus is the not the bioweapon, the vaccine is, with the virus only serving as the pretext so that people would willing accept the bioweapon.

Correction “willingly”

9/You can learn more about the insane toxicity profile of the Spike protein in my new article (lots of references included) —>

Or you may want something a little more pleasant to focus your thoughts on….

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