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#omigiri | nsfw-ish?? mostly fluff Osamu thinks he knows what body part of his that Kiyoomi likes the most. He looks down at Kiyoomi. His lover was laying chest down on the bed, propped upwards by his elbows.

He was in between Osamu's legs, a hand wrapped around a thigh as he sighs, rubbing his cheeks into the skin. "Do ya like my thighs that much?" Osamu was amused. "Mmmm yeah," Kiyoomi doesn't bother hiding it. He turns his head to kiss the solid muscle. His hair tickles

Osamu, making him huff softly. Kiyoomi smiles. "Your thighs are beautiful." "Thanks." Osamu chuckles. He reaches down to run his fingers through Kiyoomi's hair. His lover visibly shudders as Osamu's finger trails down his neck and upwards down his jaw.

"Yer kinda kinda like a cat." Osamu says. "You want me to meow?" Kiyoomi lifts an eyebrow. Osamu lifts one as well as a challenge. "If that's what yer into?" They held each other's gazes before breaking into fits of laughter. Kiyoomi crawls up Osamu's body and settles right

next to him, wrapping his arms around the man like an octopus clinging to coral. "I like your face even more." He admits. "Yeah?" Osamu murmurs. Their lips brush against each other, teasing before Kiyoomi leans forward to kiss him.

Osamu smiles in the kiss and holds Kiyoomi close to him. /End

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