aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



cw// incest, miyacest, ?????? ?????, ??????? osamu was a full time doctor at a well known hospital in Japan. atsumu is a pro athlete and its understandable when a athlete comes into a hospital, however atsumu had other plans. he wasn't injured, he takes care

of himself way too much for him to be that clumsy with his body. he only acted like he was injured just so he could he osamu. since they haven't seen each other in a while because their schedules are so packed , atsumu thought it was a good idea to fake an injury and ask for

doctor miya. since osamu is well known in the hospital for his good work and getting along with his co-workers easily that to is understandable. once atsumu got into the room he waited patiently for his brother to walk in "hello, im doctor miya, what seems to b-" osamu

finally looked at his "patient" and said "tsumu? what're doin here?" atsumu smiled and said "i wanted to see ya!" osamu looked dumbfounded and asked "ya what?! you just wanted to see me? ya could have texted me and set up a day for just us" atsumu knew that wouldn't work out

"that wouldn't work, we're too busy so i had to resort to this! i missed ya samu..." atsumu trailed off, he was too shy and embarrassed to say it louder osamu giggled, "i missed ya too, we can grab a bite when m' done, my lunch break starts in 30 mins" atsumu grined

"why eat out when you already got lunch right here?" atsumu then got up and bent over on the bed the was in the room and stick his ass out osamu's face went red so he decided to close the curtain "since we haven't seen each other in a while and i know you need me"

atsumu giggled "that's a good boy, I'll try and be quiet for ya" osamu pulled out his cock and pulled down atsumu's shorts "ya better".

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