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#sakuatsu | implied nsfw/size kink (?) Atsumu wasn't, by any means, small He knew that, he was aware of his big build and the way he naturally towered over people, whether being intentional or not, he was conscious of it

Even in a team with teammates taller and bigger than him, he still knew Now though, he wasn't so sure anymore As broad shoulders and muscular arms caged him, no way for him to go even if he wanted to, and he very much didn't

As he was trapped between the wall and a taller, much more bigger figure Atsumu wasn't small, and he knew that But as a leg made its way between his thighs, a big and slender hand was placed on his hip and the other enveloped his own, he was starting to rethink the idea

He wasn't small, but he had to crack his neck just enough for the height difference to be noticeable as he looked up with hazy eyes into a poll of obsidian ones He wasn't small, but his arms couldn't wrap themselves around the broad back adorned by dark moles

His nails digging hard on the man's shoulders, grabbing and holding onto those like a lifeline He wasn't small, but he felt like he weighed nothing as his body slid up and down the wall with every hard thrust

The only things keeping him up being the other's hips and his own deadly grip provided by his legs around the man's hips He wasn't small, but the way the taller would pick him up and throw him around in bed, moving him with ease as if he was a doll

A toy for the other to use whenever and however he pleased He wasn't small, but the way his boyfriend towered over him every time he got too close, a hungry and dark gaze trapping him in place before he was even touched

He wasn't small, but Kiyoomi made him feel like that a lot of times, the majority of the time He made him feel what other people might have felt with himself as he passed by, what other people felt about his strength, and his build

He made him feel protected, like he didn't need to be the one protecting others, the one to envelope people in a hug whenever they felt bad Now, he wasn't by any means small, but as Kiyoomi wraps his long and muscular arms around him

Holding him as if he would break without careful touches, the taller's chin on his head as this one was placed on the other's chest, his body melting in the comfortable place on the raven's lap

He wasn't small, and he knew that, but he didn't mind his bigger boyfriend cherishing him and making him feel the opposite Not if it meant he would be loved like this forever, besides, he liked his partner just as he was, big, grumpy and clingy

//just a little idea that I had, I will forever have a strong grip on skts size difference (And I don't care if it's not actually /that/ big in the manga, to me it is, ok? I decided to stay delusional thank u)

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