Bryttdaffodil🌼(Fic&thread comms open)

Bryttdaffodil🌼(Fic&thread comms open)



SkTs “‘Tsumu! Were you attacked?” Hinata’s eyes were wide as he looked at the bruises along Atsumu’s throat and neck. “It looks like you lost a fight with a vampire,” Bokuto squinted. “Or an octopus.” Atsumu’s eyes rolled to the ceiling, slapping a hand over the worst of the

bruising. “Stop looking at it,” Atsumu muttered as he closed his locker. His throat was dotted with fingertip like bruises, and such deep and dark hickeys that it hurt to swallow. Hinata poked one between his fingers, laughing at his grimace. “Hands off the artwork,” Sakusa

slapped both their hands away, listening to their shocked giggles as they ran out. Atsumu watched him with soft eyes as Sakusa pressed a thumb into the darkest bruise, hissing at the pain. And the warmth pooling in his belly. “You look good with my marks on you.” Atsumu

squirmed the rest of practice.

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