aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



miyacest + age gap (osaatsu) osamu (17) helped atsumu (14) with his homework whenever he got the chance. "samu-nii i need yer help" it was around 8 at night and samu had just gotten out of the shower. "ya need help with yer homework? why didn't ya do it earlier?"

atsumu stood silent before speaking "i-i wanted to wait till ya got home first" osamu gave a small smile before he gestured atsumu to sit next to him on the bottom bunk. ~ they were there for a while, osamu was helping atsumu with his science homework until atsumu put his

head on osamu's shoulder. moving closer to him in the process, osamu knew exactly what he was doing. but tried to to feed into it. "it seems like ya already know how to do this so why do ya need my help?" being the liar atsumu is, he said he didn't understand. osamu knew

that he was lying, he just wanted attention. "if yer gonna lie at least do a better job at it" osamu whispered in atsumu's ear before putting the homework down and lifting atsumu onto his lap. "ya know how ta do yer homework , ya just want my attention like the slut you are"

atsumu put his hands on osamu's chest and giggled. "maybe~" osamu gripped atsumu's hips and began to grind into him. "didja really think i wouldn't notice?" atsumu didn't say anything, he let his lower body take over and started to move with osamu. "that's it."

osamu then ripped atsumu's shorts off and threw them somewhere in the room, he threw atsumu onto the bed and hovered over him. staring into his eyes. "yer a little attention whore that deserves a punishment for wastin' my time" "your attention whore"

osamu started fingering atsumu to prepare his little hole for his cock "ah ha~" "shut up tsumu, ya don't deserve ta speak" osamu's fingers were so long, he was hitting all of the right places without even trying. osamu then forced himself inside of atsumu without warning

osamu put a hand over atsumu's mouth and started thrusting. he uncovered his kouth and kraned in closer "i don't want ta hear a single sound come outta ya, do ya understand" atsumu nodded while arching his back. osamu always knew how to make atsumu feel so good.

osamu grabbed atsumu by his waist and starting thrusting harder. it made want to scream. he made the mistake of letting a small whine come out. osamu looked mad. "didn't i tell ya i didn't want ta hear ya? now yer really gonna get it" osamu flipped atsumu over and made him

lay on his stomach, he grabbed atsumu by his hair and went at a inhuman speed. atsumu's head was spinning and his vision got blurry. that's what osamu loved, he loved fucking atsumu into a brain dead bitch. he loved seeing atsumu's body go numb all because of his cock.

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