Older brother Atsumu showing 15 year old Osamu what porn/sex is. "Samu... do ya want to see somethin' amazing? Yer at that age, now, after all. Cmon, lemme show ya." Osamu is confused at first, unsure what Atsumu is up to all of a sudden. But then he grows curious. He's bored

anyway. "Okay." Osamu nods. Atsumu claps his hands together. "All right! Yer gonna love this" he exclaims. He opens his laptop, and enters the website in the search bar. It's the one he frequents most. He finds one of his favorite videos. Atsumu giggles. "Alright,

alright, you gotta put yer earphones in. We needa keep this a secret. Just between you an' me" Atsumu grins. He presses play on the video. "Ahh... mmm... haah" the moans from the video filling Samu's ears. The girl is being fingered and eaten out, the man in the video

seems quite eager. Osamu can feel his dick getting stiff, oblivious to what is happening. "Tsumu-nii... what is this I'm feeling?" Osamu looks down at his crotch. Atsumu smirks. "Dear little Samu, that thing yer feelin' is arousal. Excitement. It's what happens

when yer subjected to sexual acts." He palms at Osamu's cock through his pants. "Doesn't it feel good?" Those honey'd eyes gazing into Samu's. Osamu nods erratically. "Y-Yeah Tsumu... it feels good..." he hitches his breath. "I... wanna do what they're doing... can we?"

He points to the video. Atsumu smiles, menancingly. He doesn't say a word, leaning closer to Osamu and kissing him on the lips. This is new to Osamu, yet he doesn't push Atsumu away. He lets him do whatever he wants, lets him be the leader. Atsumu gently and slowly

pushes Osamu down on his back on the bed, leering over him as he makes out with his little brother. Osamu gasps when Atsumu slides a hand down his underwear, gently stroking his cock. "Mmmm... hmmm" Osamu lets out the cutest little moans and whines as Atsumu

continues to stroke him, his pace speeding up a bit. "Ahh... Tsumu-nii chan..." Osamu's face is a bright shade of red. "Samu... look at ya, you're so adorable. Are you embarrassed?" Atsumu comments, taking in the slightly disheveled sight of his cute little brother. "N-no,

I'm just...." Osamu doesn't finish his sentence, too flustered to continue. "What Samu? You're what?" "I just... it feels good. You touchin' me... down there..." Osamu becomes shy from what he just said, turning his head to the side to avoid Atsumu's gaze. Atsumu

huffs, grabbing Osamu's chin and making him look him in the eyes. "Eyes on me Samu. I want to see the kind of face ya make when ya cum. I wanna hear your voice." Osamu's eyes widen, the flush on his face becoming brighter. He can't help but let out another moan when Atsumu

brushes his finger along Osamu's slit. "Cum for me, will ya?" He pulls Osamu's pants down, his cock springing free. Atsumu has more freedom now. He uses both of his hands to masterfully jack Osamu off. Osamu tries to muffle his moans with the back of his hand, but

he feels so good that he doesn't care anymore. He wants Atsumu to hear him. "Ahh... Tsumu-nii... I think I'm about to..." Osamu stops, his orgasm overtaking him. "Yeah? About ta cum?" Osamu quickly nods. Atsumu keeps his pace up, enough for Samu to finally spill

into his hands. He lets out the littlest whines Atsumu had ever heard, his little nose scrunched up, his eyes open wide, his lips slightly parted and slick with spit.

"Yeah, that's it Osamu. Ya got it" Atsumu encourages him, coating Atsumu's hand with sticky white semen. "Good boy" Atsumu says, licking his hands clean. Osamu covers his face out of embarrassment.

"Tsumu-nii... can I... try it on you now?" Atsumu smiles. "Of course little Samu. Something new to learn."

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