How to track influencer wallet addresses - NO python, NO API calls, NO coding needed. Only prerequisite is excel ??

0/n Target influencer for this tutorial - Let's call them Influencooor (Actually used a popular influencer for this example but don't wanna doxx them)

1/n STEP 0 Scroll their twitter and find some tweets on token/coins they are shilling. Found three tokens in this case.

2/n STEP 1 Download $MRI, $MNT and $KIBA CSV files (from holders section) from respective ether scan pages

3/n STEP 2 Do a Vlookup between any two. I pick $MRI and $MNT

4/n STEP 3 Filter out the NAs

5/n Now I have a pure list of all wallets that hold $MRI and $MNT

6/n STEP 4 Copy this list and paste into a fresh sheet that has $KIBA wallet addys *Correction in this picture The right most text box should say - "Wallets that hold all three $MRI, $MNT and $KIBA"

7/n STEP 5 Filter out NAs Note - We're still left with 22 addys ?

8/n STEP 6 Find another coin Influencooor is shilling - Influencooor retweeted expo so they probably hold some

9/n STEP 7 Download $EXPO excel/CSV and copy paste the 22 wallet addresses next to the $EXPO wallet addresses. Do another vlookup Have a glass of water because we're down to just three addys

10/n STEP 8 Copy and paste these addys in ether scan one by one Specimen number 1 Holds $MUTE and $KUBA Influencooor has never spoken about these two. Rule out.

11/n Specimen number 2 - Holds dream, Influencooor does speak about dream -Looks promising

12/n Specimen number 3 - Holds some random tokens that Influencooor has never spoken about . Rule out

13/n STEP 9 Verify. Copy paste specimen two address in Debank and compare twitter posts with tokens across chains (Debank is good here because it give a good overview across chains) Verified and confirmed. We got them!

14/n STEP 10 Now that you have one wallet addy, you can find their other addresses using an app like @AppBreadcrumbs

15/n Note- 1. Literally used a random influencer. I have nothing against them in particular 2. I have redacted as much as possible 3. We're using these open financial systems, so wallet tracking is inevitable What are you waiting for? Go become an on-chain detective?

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