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200+ sales calls are booked in the last 51 days with these 5 cold email templates:

Before using these templates make sure that - → Your offer is stupid to say no to. → Have a great case study. → You know your ICP. Cold emails only work if you have these 3 in check. So here you go 👇

1.) This email template target industries that have huge pain points. The bigger the problem better it performs.

2.) This cold email template uses a zero personalization approach. Works best in industries where there is low competition.

3.) It's a one-sentence cold email template. Great in generating initial responses. Works best in high-competition industries.

4.) This template approach works like a magic when there is a recent event like fundraising etc... You need to do research to find upcoming or near future events before using this approach.

5.) Again one-sentence cold email approach but with an incentive (bait). Works like magic in generating initial responses.

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