Fefi🐭 (is writing fic comms)

Fefi🐭 (is writing fic comms)



Today I am thinking of Osamu slowly jacking Atsumu off below the covers at training camp while everyone is still asleep. Thinking about Atsumu biting into Osamu’s free hand to keep himself quiet and about Osamu’s soft kisses to Atsumu’s nape as his hand around his cock picks up

Thinking about Atsumu’s whole body shaking as he comes and how he lets out the softest of moans as he spills around Osamu’s hand, making a mess of his shorts. Thinking about Osamu quietly turning him around so he can kiss the breath out of him and guide Atsumu’s hand +

To his shorts so he can return the favor. Thinking about how they’re not nearly as quiet as they think they are, and they definitely woke some of their teammates up.

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