#dkbk drabble a/b/o A!Dk, O!Bk Cw: pining Bk, oblivious?Dk Inspired on Noguchi-san's newest #decchan art! . . . Katsuki is desperate. Nothing has worked so far. Not the slight intimate wrist scenting, not preparing cute bentos, not even acting all possessive over Deku.

The latter is a plus though, no shitty extras of any secondary gender dare to approach the green-haired prime with filthy intentions in that way. Still. What does an omega have to do to get his alpha's attention? Ugh. Okay, not /his/ yet, but almost.

[Why don't you wear his merch?], Dunce Face had advised. Would that really work? . . .

"Hey, Kacchan? You called me? Do you need anything?", Izuku rubbed his nape nervously, not being brave enough to look into Katsuki's room. His bare scent was sufficient to awake very inappropriate thoughts from his lizard brain.

"Deku", his roommate said in a sultry tone that gave the greenette goosebumps. The feeling increased when he sensed delicate warm thin fingers running all over his chest. It's then, that he saw him.

Kacchan, wearing his latest released long sleeved black top. Not only that, the omega was using one that was two-sizes bigger, making the garment loosely around his shoulders, leaving them exposed.

The inscription of his name near the blond's chest had his inner Alpha trashing inside, screaming /'Mine'/. . . .

Katsuki realized that he affected Izuku by the way his pupils turned into slits swimming all over his beautiful green orbs, which meant that he was very pleased with what he was observing.

However, it seems that the prime snapped out of it and attempted to escape like he always does. "Oh, I think the fuck not!!!", Katsuki snarled, grabbing Izuku by his hoodie and getting him into his room.

"Kacchan, w-what? T-This is wrong, what are you dooooo—AH!!!", Izuku panicked when the blond pushed him /inside/ his nest. Delicious burning caramel pheromones hit him like a ton of bricks, making him feel as if he was floating.

"I'm done, I can't wait anymore. I want you to see /me/ and only /me/", Katsuki expressed with a little bit of hurt in his voice as he straddled the alpha's thighs and leaned over him.

"Kacchan, you don't know what you are doing", Izuku suppressed a growl by clenching his fangs. He rested his hands over the blond's waist and tried to control himself by tightening his hold on that spot.

"Of course I do. I've known since forever. Do you know how many people I've rejected just because I've been waiting for your ass to act up, hah?!!", Katsuki gnarled. Izuku's alpha was enraged by hearing that, willing to rip the throats of whoever dared to approach /his/ omega.

"I'm... scared", he gritted his teeth. "Of not being able to control myself... Because I want you... so fucking much it hurts", Deku almost whimpers. Katsuki's omega preened by such statement and whined in relief.

"I'm tough. Haven't I been handling you just fine? Don't you trust your omega?", he provokes him, cups his freckled cheeks and caresses them lightly. Their lips are just a breath away. "Kiss me, you idiot", Katsuki demands. And Izuku does.

He tugs the blond towards him by his scalp and captures his lips in the kiss that their hearts have craved for so long. And it's messy, intense and perfect. "Kacchan... If we keep this going I don't think we'll be able to get out of this room in days. My rut...", Deku pants.

The omega steals another kiss from him and moves his hips forward. "S'okay, that was my intention", he smirks and peppers kisses all over his partner's jaw and neck.

Izuku grins confidently, flips them off and pins the omega to the cozy nest that already smells so much like /them/. "Are you sure?", Izuku asks once again, holding Katsuki's hand and kissing his soft palm.

"Yes, Alpha", the blond rolls his eyes playfully. "I'm right where I want to be", he smiles in the end. And Izuku finally claims him throughly in every possible way that night and the following ones. . . . Fin??


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