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Why you aren’t the same man your GRANDFATHER was. (And why it’s NOT your fault)🧵👇

During Christmas I’ve been watching a few old movies. Flicks from the 80s and early 90s. It’s impossible to unsee men portrayed in them are blatantly different than the average Joe you see today on the street.

It’s even more blatant if you go back and see movies from the 60s. Men in those movies (even side characters) had something about them that has completely banished nowadays. What was it? And since this is a health page…was it a biological change?

That’s why I’ve decided to list all the major societal changes that drastically affected male health on a biological level: hormonally, neurologically & sexually. Your grandfather was really built different… and this fall from grace is not your fault. Here’s why:

1. Cubiclemaxing Your grandfather most likely spent the majority of his day outside. Jobs in the great outdoors were the norm back then. Growing crops, taking care of the cattle or building. Most men in rural areas grew crops in their garden too because money was tight.

(We may go back to that soon but I digress) The point is physical ACTIVITY and sun exposure have severely dropped due to the rise of cubicle jobs. If you sit inside all day, why would your body need high testosterone? Why would your metabolism function fast? Go outside.

2. Microplastics “Maybe an advanced civilization would’ve decided to stay away from plastic.” - Graham Hancock I love this (paraphrased) quote. It really hits home when you start digging and discover the harmful effects microplastics have in our bodies.

Oxidative stress. Inflammation. Potential DNA damage aka mutations. Microplastics (and their xenoestrogens) can give rise to all of those severe biological issues. The excessive use of plastic from corporations has really bitten us in the men's health ass.

Oxidative stress can take place everywhere. In your testis too. Leydig cells are your primary testosterone factories and they can DIE via excessive oxidative stress. Our world is FULL of microplastics and our hormonal health suffers from it.

Minimize exposure. Detox by sweating and eating fiber. Eat metric TONS of antioxidants. The plastic damage was done by others but it’s in your hands to defend yourself as much as possible.

3. Addiction Everyone is addicted to something today. Scrolling. Games. Porn. Shows. Food. You name it. The dopamine system of the average person is hijacked by at least one of these addictions.

After getting your fix from any of the mentioned addictions you’ll feel drained. Just as you feel drained after orgasming. Why? You like *insert addiction here* so much your dopamine gets sky-high when you do it.

The dark part? All of those activities mentioned are engineered to spike your dopamine like crazy and get you addicted. Your attention is money to the higher ups. Your monkey brain can’t help but love what’s shiny.

And when you hop off the drug, dopamine crashes and stays lower than it was before indulging. This is what makes you feel like shit. Even worse: Dopamine & T go together. Addicts have been shown to have lower testosterone than non-addicts.

Realize the BIG manipulation you’re being subjected to. The ones who create your favorite media/fast food only want your patronage to make money. They have to be a parasite in your brain to make their bag. Then they spit you out empty & energyless.

4. High stress Even though we live in pretty easy times there seems to be more mental strife than ever. Our grandfathers had to endure much worse situations than us, but bad mental health wasn’t so widespread. Maybe it’s because there’s psychologists now? Maybe, but…

Chances are your grandfather went to war, was raised by men who went to war or lived during war/post-war times. When they were scared, men around them went: “I was scared when parachute-jumping behind germ enemy lines in France kiddo, you’re not so bad.”

Men of that era were raised with the “it’s not so bad” mentality. Whatever fear they had was experienced 10x times worse by someone close to them. And there’s comfort in that. Someone who endured more than you and survived telling you to relax. That's powerful.

This is a simple way to teach stress management. To teach a basic form of stoicism. A way to show life can get much more terrible than we think. As the last old-school men leave us we’re losing this training in today’s society. Cortisol floods us.

5. Food poison There has never been as much sugar in the diet. There has never been more chemicals in the diet. There has never been more seed oils in the diet. Fluoride. Additives. Soy. Hormones…

Fish are grown in dirty water and their tissues are packed with heavy metals. Cattle are pumped full of synthetic hormones to grow faster. Veggies and fruit are full of pesticides.

Many of these chemicals interact with our bodies and they can cause severe problems. Excessive sugar, aspartame or trans fats are just a few notorious examples. But apart from these there’s hundreds of chemicals being used and many of them haven’t been properly studied yet.

Back in the day palm oil was perfectly acceptable and thought to be healthy. Now every company that doesn’t want to go out of business is making palm oil-free product versions. These chemicals won’t kill you instantly like poison but they’ll hamper your health long term.

If you don’t try hard to eat healthy you’re putting tons of crap in your body. Gramps didn’t have this problem. He just harvested from his own garden or went to the store to buy the goods his buddy Barry grew with his own hands. Source locally gentlemen. Be like gramps.

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