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Xi’s wartime cabinet is in place. His 20th Party Congress purge not only installed loyalists, but two spy chiefs, and military leaders responsible for China’s ‘reunification’ with Taiwan. He sacked the only three men with markets experience (the heads of the PBOC, the CSRC,

And finance minister). Xi also added the Ministry of State Security head to the Politburo and the Central Committee (Chen Wenqing). These moves send a clear message to the world that conflict and ‘Great Struggle’ are coming soon. Not since Mao has a Chinese leader stacked his

cabinet with men (all men…no women, no blacks, no Hispanics, or anyone else but Han Chinese) with aerospace, weapons, surveillance, and military expertise. Conflict with Taiwan is now around the corner. The Great Chinese Liquidation of public and private equity is in full

swing. Today’s 10-20% crash in Chinese shares is just the beginning of the destruction of western capital invested in Chinese companies. It appears that Xi’s ‘Great Struggle’ is also meant to inflict maximum pain to those who believed ‘reform and opening’. #China #XiJinping

#Taiwan #war #Mao @SquawkCNBC @CNBC

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