Agba John Doe

Agba John Doe



Women, I hope you read the DM from that married woman? You read as she said her then boyfriend (now husband) was giving her transport money and she kept rejecting it correct? You read that she said there were many other women in his life but gradually, he started weeding

them away? You read that she was stubborn, they fought and she insulted him a lot but the man still stayed? You read how she said the man showed her leadership and she decided to be calm? When I tell you that men are cheap but it's their commitment that is expensive, this is

an example. What do you think the man would have done if she was collecting all those transport monies? How do you think he would have seen her? You do realize that he must have been meeting other ladies & doing the same? Why did he not go for those ladies? Is his wife the

most prettiest woman he has ever met or slept with? Is his wife the woman with the biggest bum bum or boobs? Many of you have used your own hands to spoil your chances due to longer throat and lack of patience. Everytime, "I can't date a man who cannot spend on me". Surely,

You'll meet men who will spend on you. But for the most part, all you'll get is his money & good knacks. Is that your consolation prize? Are you not good enough to be called his wife? Why is he not choosing you despite all he has spent on you? You'll meet a man today, by

next tomorrow, "you're hungry" "your mother is sick" "you want to make your hair" "you want data" He will see you as an olosho and he will treat you as one. Later, you'll come to say "men are scum". You are the one that brought out the scum in him. Unfortunately, the man

is down now for now. But just imagine if he had not married a good wife? Just imagine if he married your type? You'll punish him because for you, it was all about money & enjoyment. You'll lose respect for him within a short period of time & start to regret ever marrying him.

I have already told you what you need to do to find a husband. Shun oloju kokoro & "pretend" like you don't love money. Men already know you love money. But no man wants to feel like he bought his wife with money. That's the difference. And that's how you win. End.

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