Marty⁷: a sucker for tattooed Sakusa Kiyoomi

Marty⁷: a sucker for tattooed Sakusa Kiyoomi



NSFW | #omigirin | cow hybrid!Osamu | black panther hybrid!Kiyoomi | fox hybrid!Rintarou | PURE FILTH | CRINGE AHEAD | Osamoo gets milked Osamu feels overwhelmed– overwhelmed by his lovers surrounding him, overwhelmed by the pressure on his chest.

He feels boneless, yet all the muscles in his body are taunt; ready to snap at any moment. "Poor baby," Kiyoomi purrs from behind him; his lips mouthing the sensitive skin of his neck, "does it hurt?"

Osamu whines and lets his head rest on Kiyoomi's shoulder, giving him more access to his neck. Kiyoomi's arms are loosely placed around his torso, his naked chest is firm and warm against his back.

"You're so good for me," his lover teases his hard nipples with the tips of his fingers– he draws circle on them, around them and sometimes he pinches them.

Osamu arches his back everytime it happens, chasing the promise of sweet release from his chest and Kiyoomi– Kiyoomi's smirk widens, Osamu can /feel/ it, and his purrs grow louder.

"So good for /us/." Rin says from the comfort of his armchair, just across the bed where he and Kiyoomi are sitting– Osamu in between Kiyoomi's thighs. Rin eyes him down–hunger vivid in his eyes, foxy ears perked in interest, long canines leaving little dents on his bottom lip.

He can't help but involuntarily blush. Rin's gaze has always been particularly intense; it has always felt as if he could see through him. When his eyes stopped in their tracks, Osamu instinctively went to cover the tent in his gray sweats with his tail.

It is thin, as cow tails are, but the little bush of soft hair should – His tail is slapped back by Kiyoomi's own tail, thicker than his and black. "Care to join?" Kiyoomi says.

"Hum..." Although Rin fakes thinking about it, he stands up and makes his way towards them, "I like to watch you enjoying yourselves." Yet, he kneels between Osamu's spread legs.

Kiyoomi uses his tail to trace the outline of his hard cock over the fabric of his sweats and Osamu's hips thrust up, looking for friction. "Ah," Rin pushes his hips back on the mattress, "stay still, sweetheart." Osamu needs them to do something.

His chest hurts, his cock hurts– "What do you need, sweetheart? Can you tell us?" Rin knows exactly what he needs and so does Kiyoomi. He whines, his tail repeatedly hits the mattress from embarrassment.

Kiyoomi lightly squeezes the flesh on his chest, Rin mouths the tip of his cock– the further proof of his arousal wetting the gray fabric. He moans– the sound is so loud and the room is so quiet that it's the only sound he can hear.

Kiyoomi's purring and Rin's growls are lost in the mist of the sounds of his pleasure. Osamu feels as if on fire. "Please–" it doesn't get to finish his sentence, as his breath is taken away the moment the pressure on his chest finally starts to relent–and then it stops.

He cries out, not so much for pleasure this time. A single wet drop of milk slides from one of his nipples down to his stomach. "Can't waste food, can we, baby?"

Kiyoomi scoops it up with one finger and brings it to Rin's lips. He licks it off, eyes on Kiyoomi. "Please m–" he'll never stop feeling so embarrassed for saying this. "Pleasemilkme." He blurts out, hoping it'd save him from some of the embarrassment.

If he weren't so desperate for release, he'd start digging his own grave for saying that out loud. "Yeah? Need to be milked sweetheart?" He nods. Rin levels their faces together and goes to whisper in his ear.

"Where?" His hands trail up his body, starting from his calves up to his thighs. "Here?" He murmurs when he reaches his cock. He plays with it– touches him enough to make him feel it, but not enough to get any satisfaction from it.

His long fingers reach his rim. Rin presses on the taunt fabric of the sweats, and he feels his hole flutter at Rin's touch– even through clothing. His cock jumps; shivers run all over his body; his heart beating furiously.

Rin starts nipping at his earlobe while his hands move up, again, till they reach his pecs– they are bigger than usual. Kiyoomi's hands leave space for Rin's. "Or here?" He pulls his nipples, squeezes his flesh and, yet again, Osamu's breath is taken away from him.

"So? Where do you want to be milked?" "Ri–nhh.." he can't speak, he's too busy struggling for air. Thankfully, Kiyoomi voices his thoughts. "You're so cringe, Rin." Rin is tugged away – Kiyoomi is pulling his hair, baring his neck to them.

Rin hisses, and Kiyoomi brings their faces close over Osamu's shoulders. "Has no one ever told you not to play with your food?"The low baritone of Kiyoomi's growling voice gives him goosebumps. "Shut up, kitten."

Kiyoomi groans, more out of annoyance than anything else, but Rin closes the space between their lips. Any other day, he would have loved his boyfriends aggressively kissing over his shoulder, but today was not that day. He needs attention.

He loops his legs around Rin's waist, pulling him closer, and presses back on Kiyoomi's groin. They're both just as hard as him– Kiyoomi's hard on fits in the slope of his ass while Rin's dick grinds on his, clothing separating them. They moan in each other's mouths.

"You're so needy," Rin says, now breathless too, before tugging both their sweats down. Kiyoomi hands Rin the lube. "Keep your legs spread, sweetheart. "

Rin doesn't waste any time in sliking his fingers but Osamu's attention is snatched by Kiyoomi– who, without warning, started kneading his soft pectorals.

Tears start to wet Osamu's eyes from the relief– milk leaks from him, slowly but steadily, as Kiyoomi keeps massaging around the area, tugging on the hard nipples from time to time.

He goes boneless against Kiyoomi's chest yet again. "Baby needed his tits milked," he coos, "poor little thing." Osamu cries out when Rin inserts a digit inside of him.

He pushes his hips towards him, "more, more– Rin, more," he's shameless, but they've been toying with him for too long and Osamu just wants to let it all out. "Uhm? Want your little cock to be milked too so badly?

"Yeah, yeah – please." Rin hums, "I don't know...look at the mess you already made of yourself." The milk Kiyoomi is kneading out of him is running down on his stomach, only to fall on the sheets. "What a waste." Kiyoomi's hands are a mess, but he doesn't seem to mind.

With tears still wetting his cheeks, he pleads with them to do something – anything. There must be some secret conversation between them, because a smug smile blooms on Rin's face. "Let's milk this little cock of yours."

His blush travels up to his ears. Kiyoomi nips at one of them. Even though Rin said what he said, neither of them make a move to touch his cock– it rests on his stomach; hard, red and leaking.

Rin has two fingers inside of him– with precision that only comes from experience, it doesn't take long for him to find his prostate – and Osamu whines.

Rin methodically places his fingers there, and doesn't move them. They sit comfortably on his sweet spot, until Rin begins to ministrate stimulation meticulously focused on his prostate.

"Relax baby, but hold the edge off. Rin is going to milk you dry now." Kiyoomi says in his ear, although Osamu barely registers his voice. A string of high pitched "ahh"s leave Osamu's mouth, and his cries become even louder when Rin leans forward to take a nipple in his mouth.

Kiyoomi quickly rearranges their position: Osamu is laying slightly perpendicularly against his chest now; one of his arms moved behind Kiyoomi's head – and soon his lips are also latched on him.

His mind goes blank for a moment and before he knows it, his dick throbs– untouched. White is coming out of him but he doesn't feel the satisfaction of a climax.

He wails, unable to stop his body from throwing away his release. His lovers suck harder on his nipples– lick them, nip them. Rin doesn't speed up the movements of his hand, but starts grinding his cock into the sheets, moaning on his chest.

Kiyoomi ruts his dick against him; against his ass. He begs them to let him come, to /really/ let him come– "please, please, please." He sounds desperate to his own ears, and his boyfriends thrive on it– they growl low against his sensitive nipples.

He doesn't think they'll let him come, but Kiyoomi brings a wet hand to his cock. He doesn't hold him firmly. He caresses it, thumb circling the tip, then he holds it loosely – it's enough to turn the last bit of his ejaculation into an actual orgasm.

His throat is dry, his lungs struggling to breathe, but the fire inside of him; the pressure, seems to be gone.

He closes his eyes, body limp. He lets the purrs of one of his partners and the soft tail of the other gently wrapped with his lull him into the afterglow of sex. ? Fin ?

Let there be known that this is not an accurate representation of prOstate milking & that cows only produce milk when pregnant – sorry for spreading misinf0rm4tion ? BUT Y'ALL NEED TO FORGET WHAT YOU'VE JUST READ ANYWAYS SO IT'S NOT REALLY A PROBLEM IG.


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