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Thirty (30) things you did not know about MEN 1- Men find natural beauty more attractive than makeup and aesthetics. 2- Men are more likely to fall in love with women who listen to them than women who challenge them. 3- Playing hard to get longer than usual turns a man’s

interest from sweet to sour. 4- Men don’t see sex at first date as being cheap, It is ladies who feel that way. 5- Every man is less busy for the woman he is interested in. 6- Men love sex but no man wants a woman who takes him longer than 20 minutes to satisfy.

7- Men who see a future with you will always check/try to influence your activities but a man who doesn’t gives you absolute freedom. 8- Showing big appreciation for the small things a man does for you will inspire him to do more and bigger things.

9- Men love acts of services. If you have a promising man, help him with chores. 10- If you keep close make friends, always have somewhere and set of admirers to hangout with, a man will never trust you. 11- Men are always suspicious and skeptical with women who are loud on

social media. 12- Never tell your man the secret things about your friends or family, It will influence his perception. 13- When a man starts to call in love, he will begin to admire your personality more than your body. He may not always find you seductive or get turned on

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by your presence but he will find you beautiful inside out. 14- Men make efforts to make the woman they love comfortable but the absence of love creates excuses. 15- Men feel empowered by women who try to participate in or support their work and activities.

16- Copying your man’s character or mimicking/adopting his slangs, brings you closer to his heart. 17- Men find women who pray in the night, morning or randomly attractive. 18- Asking your man for his opinion in your life or permission may appear like weakness, but men see it

as strength. 19- Not having male friends or having your phone ring with boy calls builds a man’s confidence. 20- Men see wife material more in JJCs and boring girls than they do in material girls. 21- Men love independent women but men are more in love with women who can

handle things but depend on them still. 22- If you still keep in touch with your Ex, a man will never grow full confidence in you because of Okafor’s law. 23- If you want a man’s trust, you must earn it by showing and proving to him that you are not like other girls. If truly,

you are different, act differently not the same. 24- Moaning can make a man reach orgasm quicker, It also builds his self esteem, making him feel appreciated. 25- Try sending him a message. Not a chat, send him a text message and don’t say sweet things, just tell him raw how

amazing he is to you. It could be a prayer. Say a prayer to bless his hustle. Men are less likely to disappoint women who rely on them and are vulnerable for them. 26- Make a man feel like the best man in the world and he will begin to see the best woman in you.

27- If you always obey a man, always take his advice, soon the table will turn and he will rely helplessly on you. 28- Being rude, disrespectful or a hard nut to crack will not make a man value you more, men feel either feel threatened or challenged by rebellion,

Either way, It doesn’t make him value you as he sees you more like a rival than a partner. 29- It is in all men’s nature to be attracted to more than one woman but a man who loves you will resist nature. 30- If you like a man, never ask him out directly, rather, give him green

light, if he likes you back he will ask you for a relationship, If he doesn’t directly ask to date you, it means he's not interested, do not push any further. Copied

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