aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



miyacest + age gap osamu (23) still lives at home with his parents and little brother atsumu (14) since he's been so busy, he hasn't had much time to spend with atsumu.

and its been eating atsumu from the inside out. ~ once osamu got home from worm, at around 11pm, atsumu tip-toed downstairs, peeking behind the wall to see what osamu was doing. "nii-san?" osamu looked up to see atsumu standing by the staircase with a sad look on his face.

"tsumu? what're doin' up?" atsumu took a few steps towards him and stood there "i was waitin' fer ya to come home" osamu walked over to atsumu, caressing his shirt "why do ya have a crop top on?" atsumu looked down at his sleep wear then looked back up at osamu,

with that same innocent look on his face, "it was hot in the bedroom" 'bullshit' osamu thought as he kept his hand on atsumu. "go to bed tsumu. ya have school in tha mornin'" atsumu forward his eyebrows, realizing his plan wasn't working. "but m' not tired"

osamu then grabbed atsumu by his arm and dragged him to the dinner table "then i'll make ya tired" osamu then proceeded to pull atsumu's shorts down and bend him over the table. his bare ass was out for osamu to see. osamu then pulled out his dick, shoving it into atsumu

with no hesitation. "ah!" osamu covered atsumu's mouth, making sure he wouldn't be too loud so their parents wouldn't hear. "shut up tsumu, isn't this what ya wanted?" atsumu moaned into osamu's hand as osamu had a tight grip on his mouth.

atsumu wouldn't stop clawing on the table as osamu fucked him at a unhumanly speed. "ah~ yer so tight tsumu" atsumu arched his back, putting his knee up onto the table, poking his ass out. "so tight fer me"

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