nsfw, selfcest, age gap & miyacest So continuing with yesterday's thought, 27yo Osamu fucking 16yo Osamu all ways to heaven, his eyes crossing as he pounds so deep inside him that 16yo Samu wouldn't be surprised if he could feel the bulge of his dick on his lower abdomen

27yo Osamu grins at his younger self so lost in pleasure, "this is how you should fuck Atsumu. This is how you give it to him, learn that, he will be you whore if you do" 16yo Osamu whimpers and cries, both from the stimulation and the words that his older self groans

"I d-don't, m-me and Tsumu could never!" "But ya want it so bad, don't you?" He grins, "want his tight ass squeezing your dick, want his pretty lips stretched around ya, want to lick yer own cum out of his ass, don't ya?" "No, no, no!"

"You can't lie to me, baby. I'm you" "We could never, we could never!" 16yo Samu sobs "Yer gonna be so goddam happy when you finally fuck him, don't worry" 27yo Osamu playfully pinches a hard, pink nipple and he earns a confused whine, the poor teen is probably just realizing

just how sensitive his tits are. Bet he hadn't even have sex yet "Meanwhile," he continues. "Learn this, Tsumu's favorite position"

27yo Osamu slips out, almost making Samu cry in frustration, just like that, he is being manhandled to lay on his stomach, he doesn't even get to get on all fours because Osamu mounts him, weight pining him down on the bed.

He feels tiny and helpless and when Osamu started to fuck into him with reckless abandon, 16yo Osamu learns why it's Atsumu's favorite position (and totally makes the mental note for later)

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