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#zhongchi where Childe helps Dottore test out a new material that could aid the Fatui The task? Childe had to wear and test it for a week. The goal? To trial a potential new bodysuit for the Fatui uniform. The material? Something the Doctor called “latex.”

After discovering ley line trees with an odd, sticky substance between the bark, the Doctor realized it could be used to create a synthetic fabric. One that was waterproof and catch fibers. Perfect for espionage or any illicit dealings the Fatui might like to endeavor in.

So, when it came time to test the latex — named for the ‘ley’ lines and unique ‘tex’ture — Dottore turned to the one best suited for the job. Who better to test how well it’d hold up in combat and bloodshed than the Vanguard? “You’re the only one I can count on, ‘Talia.”

Childe rolled his eyes at the painfully fake words, but accepted, thinking it’d be fun. Now, as he stared into the mirror at the sleek black bodysuit clinging to his form, Childe began to severely regret his decision. “Actually—” “You already agreed.” Dottore hummed cheerfully.

Which is how he ended up here, in his private apartment in Liyue, wearing nothing but a black bodysuit. The elastic, yet tight material hugged his skin, accentuating his waist and butt in a way that made Childe’s face flush pink. Still, it wasn’t… uncomfortable. Just strange.

He tested out a few melee attacks, being pleasantly surprised when the suit didn’t hinder his movements. In fact, it was nearly as good as his regular uniform. If there were a few minor adjustments… Just as Childe mentally noted his feedback, someone knocked on his door.

????— Childe’s heart nearly shot out of his chest as his neck snapped over to the door. This shouldn’t happen. He clearly told every Fatuus at the bank to only disturb him if there was an emergency. Surely nothing happened in just a few hours? Still, he couldn’t risk it.

He darted towards the door, opening it and expecting to see a recruit’s distraught expression or a severe injury— That was not the sight that greeted him. Aqua eyes blinked once, twice, as they registered piercing amber eyes. Eyes that caught his, before trailing downwards…

“Childe.” Zhongli’s voice was hoarse, eyes fixated on how the fabric clung to the redhead’s lithe body. Every sloping curve, every dip against toned skin— Zhongli couldn’t look away. “You… This attire is-” Face completely blooming red, Childe shut the door in the man’s face.

Fuck fuck fuck! Childe scrambled to his bedroom, nearly tripping over air at the memory of gleaming, golden eyes. What was Zhongli doing here?! Childe never told anyone he returned, let alone his new address. But Zhongli’s gaze… Why did he look so— “Ajax.” A voice growled.

Childe spun back, snarl on his lips and Hydro blade poised to kill, when sunset captured ocean. “Xiansheng…” He exhaled, heart tightening with relief and rage all at once. He shouldn’t be happy to see Zhongli. Not after he toyed with him like a mere pawn. Not after everything.

“Leave me alone.” Childe tried to keep the anger from his voice. “The contract is over, remember? You don’t need to pretend anymore.” A hand caught his wrist, while another hugged his waist to pull him closer. Against his will, Childe’s heart wept at Zhongli’s familiar embrace.

Zhongli enveloped him from behind, his gentle warmth and silkwood scent making Childe’s stomach flutter. “Childe…” The Archon murmured, lips brushing against reddened ears. “I’ve missed you dearly, baobei... Each day without you has worn me in a way time never has.”

The redhead bit his lip to hold back a whimper. No. He couldn’t let Zhongli trick him again. Especially not when he was still in this humiliating outfit! “Hngh, let go…” Childe grumbled, trying to pry Zhongli’s hands from his waist. He didn’t budge. “Morax!” Childe seethed.

Zhongli grunted, burying his face into Childe’s neck as his hands wandered along the smooth fabric. “How could I bear to let go when you look this delectable…” The Archon whispered, voice hoarse. Amber eyes glowed gold as he pressed an ardent kiss to soft, auburn hair.

Childe couldn’t contain his whimper this time, voice light and breathy as he melted until Zhongli’s touch. The thin fabric made the hot, large member pressing against his ass all the more noticeable. “I-It wasn’t me! This was Dottore’s idea…” Childe explained lamely.

Zhongli’s hands halted, his entire body stiffening. Before Childe could question why, he was spun around and pinned to the bed by his wrists. “The Doctor made you wear this?” Deep blue eyes blinked in confusion as they met sunbright amber. Hm? Why did Zhongli look so angry?

“Y-Yeah…?” Childe answered. A low rumble came from Zhongli’s throat. He leaned in, once again enraptured by how perfect Childe’s body looked in this skin-tight suit. Never in his long years of life had Zhongli encountered something so tempting. And someone else got to see it.

“Why was he looking at you…” He murmured lowly, catching Childe’s pliant lips between his teeth. “Fatui matters, I can’t tell you- ??!” The redhead gasped, arching into the delicious feeling of Zhongli invading his mouth with his tongue. Dear Archons, how he’d missed this.

He soon gave into the pleasure, hooking his legs around Zhongli’s back and rutting against him like a slut in heat. “Xiangsheng- Come on, fuck me already…” Childe panted, licking Zhongli’s lips with a whine. “Tell me what happened.” The Archon growled. “Did he touch you?”

Yes, though nothing perverse. All Dottore did was take his measurements for the suit. Still, Childe became the Harbinger because he recognized an opportunity when he saw one. “What if he did?” Childe answered, eyes twinkling. “What if he put his hands all over me, xiansheng?”

He guided Zhongli’s hand to his chest, urging long digits to brush against his nipples. Smile as sly as a fox’s, Childe whispered, voice breathless. “Just like this…” Zhongli remained silent. The only thing that answered him were golden eyes, gleaming with the wrath of a god.

Zhongli had lived long enough to know when he was being taunted. As he tore the fabric to reveal tantalizing, milky white skin, his draconic instincts purred in satisfaction. If his lovely mate wanted to be claimed, how could Zhongli bear to deny Ajax of his wish?

Weeks later, the Doctor received a package containing a tattered bodysuit with a note. “Fits well and useful for mobility. Water resistance is good, but not perfect.” Then, written in a different, elegant script: “Please add a way to easily remove the clothing, thank you.”

——— me in lab taking off latex gloves: …how can i make this about childe the moment childe stepped foot in liyue zhongli was ready to beg for forgiveness ?? dw childe gives zl a good scolding after he receives a good breeding- ? here’s my vision for bodysuit childe btw,,,

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