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Here's my full list of unreleased #crypto projects that could 10x-200x next bull run 🚀 Some might even pull a $SOL or $MATIC and 500x 👀 Broken down by sector 👇 1/15

◆◆ Read This First ◆◆ There ARE many unreleased projects that'll 100x next run but most are so illiquid that you couldn't take profit on big gains. This list mostly focuses on projects with the potential to hit huge market caps, which would allow you to TP! 2/15

◆◆ Layer 1s (etc) ◆◆ @CelestiaOrg - The world's first modular blockchain. Read the whitepaper for more but in essence, it allows anybody to launch their own chain. 3/15

@SuiNetwork - Very well funded, huge valuation so I'd hope for a post-launch dip to load up. Like all new L1s they have new and exciting tech, we need to wait to see if it catches on but it looks good! 4/15

@LayerZero_Labs - Omnichain interoperability protocol. Basically allows communication between blockchains. Exciting stuff, I think it might be big! @Shardeum - L1 that claims to solve the blockchain trilemma 👀 Watching this one to see how it develops. 5/15

◆◆ Layer 2s ◆◆ @arbitrum - You don't need me to tell you about Arbitrum. It's possibly the top L2 next cycle. @StarkWareLtd - The most impressive L2 tech imo. I am excited for this one to come out. It will probably have a massive cap on release though! 6/15

@zksync - ZK-based Layer 2, a very popular contender for top L2 next run. I believe L2s will dominate the next run now that #Ethereum has switched to proof of stake, so I'm going heavy on both existing and unreleased L2s. 7/15

◆◆ Perp DEXs ◆◆ @spin_fi - I shared the airdrop a few months back so a lot of you guys already got some tokens 😘 @OrderlyNetwork - Orderly is a middleware for perp DEXs, meaning it provides liquidity, processes transactions and returns real yield 👀 8/15

◆◆ AI ◆◆ @gizatechxyz - Been sharing and following this one for ages, since well before the current AI narrative. Not heard anything from their Twitter for a while but the dev is still active. Definitely, one to watch but not much is known so be careful 👀 9/15

◆◆ Privacy ◆◆ @MystikoNetwork - Not a privacy coin but a privacy layer for any L1 or L2. Read the whitepaper, I am excited about it and keeping a close eye. 10/15

◆◆ Other ◆◆ @Lingocoins - Backed by real-world real estate, giving really yield and holders get the equivalent of frequent flyer miles to use for vacations. Interesting project. 11/15

@PolarysDAC - Built on $METIS, bringing web 2 businesses into web 3 with NFTs. Full disclosure I'm an advisor for this project but I only signed on because I believe in it! 12/15

◆◆ Be Patient ◆◆ The goal with new crypto projects is to be patient. You do not need to go all in the second they release as oftentimes they will pull back and give you a better entry opportunity days or even weeks later. 13/15

These projects are worth watching. They could do a 10x-200x but like any new project, they could also never release or not catch on post-release. So, as always, be careful, don't go all in and just follow development to see how these projects progress! 14/15

I hope you've found this thread helpful. Follow me @LadyofCrypto1 for more. Like/Retweet the first tweet below if you can: 15/15

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