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Indigenous Architecture can change the way we live on Earth. Architects are embracing regionalism & traditional buildings, as these structures have proven to be energy efficient & sustainable. A thread on traditional & indigenous inspired architecture across the Muslim world…

1/ Mudhif houses, constructed out of reeds and adobe, Southern Iraq

2/ Sana’a, Yemen - ancient model of green architecture

3/ Bab al Shams, inspired by indigenous architecture of UAE

4/ Authentic Eco-Lodge in Siwa Oasis, Egypt

5/ Traditional Persian Architecture in Kashan

6/ Ancient city of Nizwa, Oman

7/ Ushaiger, Riyadh

8/ Close up of a house in Ushaiger, Riyadh

9/ Ancient Nakhal Castle, Oman

10/ Borujerdi House, Kashan, Iran

11/ Traditional architecture in Yazd, Iran

12/ Cave Dwelling of Tataouine, Tunisia

13/ Ksar Ouled Debbab, Tunisia

14/ Mysk Al Badayer - contemporary architecture reminiscent of caravanserais in Sharjah, UAE

15/ Historical Adobe Pigeon Towers Located Near Riyad

16/ Miandasht Robat, on the way of Silk Road. A place to rest in past times.

17/ The Beehive Houses of Harran, Turkey - designed to stay cool

18/ The Beehive Houses of Syria The ancient earthen beehive-shaped houses on the edge of the Syria have been wowing visitors for centuries. These amazing traditional Syrian houses manage to stay cool in the desert without air conditioning

19/ Houses in the desert, Oman

20/ Old Mosque in Ghademes, Libya

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