Cath || jump scarE😶

Cath || jump scarE😶



Single Dad!Omi and StepDad Energy!Atsumu who wants Omi's son to like him /so badly/. "Hey baby, look! It's Atsumu! Say hi honey!" Kiyoomi says to his son via FaceTime. MSBY is in Toyko for a game, his mom is babysitting. "HEY BUDDY!" Atsumu says waving frantically at the phone

No reaction from the toddler. "We're watching Cars" Mrs. Sakusa explains. Makes sense, Cars is his favorite movie. "Oh hey, let's try something." Kiyoomi walks across the restaurant— "Honey, it's OSAMU!" Omi is now standing next to Atsumu's twin, holding the phone in front+

Of them both. The toddler immediately perks up, stares at the phone smiling. Omi's autistic!toddler who loves autistic!Osamu /so much/ and Devastates!Atsumu "OMIIII!!!" Atsumu is on his knees while the Sakusas +

& his twin are dying laughing at his misfortune. "It's ok sweetie, you're my favorite." Mrs. Sakusa tries. Atsumu sniffles, "thanks, Mrs. Omi, that helps." ~end, for now

Could this possibly be based on anyone??? Anybody??? Any people, in my life, at all??? ?

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