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Seduce Her Today ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ




First - DTF means Down To Fuck. Girls that are DTF are highly attracted to you. Some girls will fly cross country to do just that if you're their best prospect. Now let's get into the 5 signs...

1) She Gives You A Nickname. It can be as simple as adding an "ie" to the end of your name. Ex: John turns Johniee (she'll probably elongate the name too because she loves saying it) You only give people you like nicknames. And if she's been flirty, she wants a piece of you

2) You Catch Her Looking At You All The Time. We look at the girls we're attracted to - hoping to make eye contact. She of course does this too. And she's usually not good at hiding her glances if she's bang on attracted.

3) She Never Looks At You. I know - contrary to number 2, but it happens. She thinks she's being too obvious if you catch her eyes on you. And she fears getting rejected. So she avoids directly looking at you at all costs.

4) She Stands Up and Walks Over When She Sees You. Pay attention to the girls that make a beeline for you when you enter the party. She can't help it and her body demands it. And she doesn't only want a friendly conversation.

5) When She Initiates Any Type Of Touch. Girls don't touch you by accident. Look out for her hands lingering after a hug. If she slaps your shoulder after you tease her. If her fingers drag across your fingers when you hand her something.

And if you're ever wondering is this girl attracted to me... Play back the scenario in your head. Replace you with an extremely unattractive man. Would she have touched or looked at the ugly man that way... The answer is almost always "no".

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