nsfw// sakuatsu, blojobs. it all happens too fast for kiyoomi to register: they're kissing and touching everywhere; lips go down his neck and suck a bruise or two before he lets out a breathy moan against Atsumu's hair. "can I suck ya off, 'mi?" atsumu's lips are warm +

against his neck. "um..." kiyoomi's eyes go up and down. "I haven't... I haven't been with anyone in a while," but god does he want those pretty pink, plumped lips around his cock. "I'll be good, promise," and it makes his dick twitch. "yeah, okay," he breathes out and+

moans when atsumu's nails dig in his lower back. Atsumu's hands are quick, skilled and moving on their own. his jeans are undone in the lapse of five seconds and kiyoomi breathes in when his eyes meet atsumu's between his legs. "you look good," kiyoomi says, embarrassed.+

"Fuck," atsumu laughs. "thanks, baby," atsumu drops a kiss on kiyoomi's now naked thighs. there's a wet patch on his boxer briefs, right where the tip of his cock lays and it makes him blush. "can I?" atsumu puts two fingers ready to pull down his underwear. +

kiyoomi nods, breathing through his nose at the same time his cock springs free. and its not like they haven't done anything. they've tried to take things slowly but with a couple glasses of wine, kiyoomi came in his pants the first night he was staying over. +

"how can you be this pretty?" atsumu whispers and kiyoomi feels his heart leap through his throat. atsumu kneels down and kisses everywhere from his belly button to his thighs. he presses a kiss to the tip of kiyoomi's cock and it makes him hiss. "don't tease," +

atsumu smiles and nods, licking a strip from the base of his cock to the tip. kiyoomi jerks up and atsumu takes it as a sign to put his arms over his thighs. "sensitive?" "shut up, will you?" kiyoomi covers his face and atsumu laughs. "why don't you shut me up?" +

kiyoomi raises a brow and atsumu does too. kiyoomi breathes in and grabs his cock, slowly bringin it up to atsumu's lips. atsumu opens his mouth obediently, sticking his tongue out. kiyoomi hisses again at the warm feeling of his mouth. atsumu hums and makes kiyoomi moan,+

fingers tensing on atsumu's back. atsumu puts a hand around kiyoomi's cock, jerking and sucking him off at the same time. "a-atsumu," breathy moans escape his mouth. "I'm not gonna last," atsumu makes an affirmative sound, vibrations going straight to kiyoomi's cock as +

he tries to jerk his hips up again. and it's too sloppy. there's spit everywhere and kiyoomi''s pretty sure he's leaking precum like crazy but god, he just wants more and more off atsumu's mouth. his fingers run through atsumu's hair and press on his head trying to get atsumu +

to go a little deeper, which he does. "fuck," kiyoomi cries out, tears coming in sight. "I'm close," he says and panics when he sees atsumu still going down on him. atsumu lets go of kiyoomi with a pop, lips too close to the tip that he can feel his breathing. +

"come in my mouth?" atsumu's fangs show and who is kiyoomi to say no. he nods quickly, he needs to come. And it only takes for atsumu to re-wrap his lips around him and a few more pumps before kiyoomi is spilling into his mouth with a loud moan. "fuck," his eyes are closed+

and his thighs tremble as atsumu sucks him through his orgasm. his whole body falls flat to the couch and atsumu laughs at him once he's done cleaning him up. "you okay?" "hmm," kiyoomi mutters. "you're such a good boy, atsumu," +

and atsumu's eyes go wide. "my turn now," kiyoomi's hands reach for atsumu's slacks, trying to undo the button and pulling them down. ////fin :p

definitely inspired by @doremiinas art!

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