Here is the mother of all exposés — THE HAQQANI-BAJWA FILES. Or: Where did the Regime Change Operation Actually Come From? It Includes analysis based on documents and firsthand interviews. This is going to be a long thread so brace yourselves. ?

This is a long thread, you can read it in PDF form here along with all the documents and links: Read on for the rest of the thread.

On July 16 2021, someone in Pakistan hired Mr. Robert Grenier to lobby on their behalf in DC. This was revealed due to Mr Grenier's FARA declaration of 17th July 2021 (

Background on Grenier: In 2001, Grenier (was the CIA station chief in Islamabad, Pakistan, where he helped plan covert operations in support of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. Grenier was forced out of CIA in 2006 (

While ostensibly, it was Iftikhar Ur Rehman Durrani of PTI who hired him, it was the Government of Pakistan that was paying him. This detail becomes important later, as you will see.

But remember this bit. Look, both of them signed the declaration.

At that time, there was no news story about it. However, around a year later, in Aug 2022, Pakistani media randomly woke up to this FARA declaration and reported on it as: PTI hired CIA veteran to advise on US ties: documents(

However, this was not accurate. And that is why we are gathered here today under this thread, dearly beloveds.

On 31st Oct 2021, the relationship (bw Grenier and GoP) ends and a FARA Supplement(-- for 6 month period ending Jan 2022 -- is filed to reflect that, it includes the details of the payments sent from Govt of Pakistan (with Durrani as frontman) to Grenier.

Within this short span of 4 months, Grenier gets $150,000 for "media research". Note that the supplement clarifies that no attempt has been made to influence US foreign policy in any way. We will come back to this later too.

Where have we reached? We are in January of 2022, PTI govt is still in power. For all intents and purposes, PTI govt, thru its agent Iftikhar Durrani, has given the former CIA Islamabad Station Chief Robert Grenier the sum total of $150,000 for research - not lobbying, mind you.

I have been a bit slow and painstaking thus far because it gets complicated from here onwards. In November 2022, Grenier suddenly files an amendment to the Supplemental Statment of the period that ended on Jan 2022 - 11 months late, and long after PTI govt falls (in April 2022).

What specifically in the supplement? The item 15a.

What is the item 15a? Its about disbursement of money. Did Grenier pay anyone on behalf of the principal (Durrani/GoP)? Turns out, yes. None other than of former Pakistani Ambassador to DC, Mr Husain Haqqani.

Isn't that a twist? Why was PTI giving money to Husain Haqqani and why was Mr Haqqani accepting money from PTI? Because... neither statements are true. Durrani, as far as i can tell, was just on paper. This was actually partially admitted by Mr Haqqani himself.

Last month, a Twitter user @desmukh stumbled upon one of the FARA declarations. Desmukh doesnt dig deep, doesnt realize what he is looking at, asks a question, gets some response, moves on.

However, one imp response he gets is from Haqqani, and he tweets about it. Haqqani says he has nothing to do with Durrani or PTI. Fahad thinks then it must be some other Husain Haqqani? Which is hilarious. So what was happening behind the scenes? Who paid Haqqani? "Woh Kon Tha?"

Now you know where this story is going? Keep reading, it gets wilder. In the grand scheme of things, Durrani is a non-entity. This is what actually happened. In the summer of 2021, PTI Govt and Pakistan Army were on the 'same page'. At least that is what Imran Khan was thinking.

The chess pieces on the board started moving that summer, unbeknownst to Khan. One of the first was engagement with Mr Haqqani through Grenier. Mr Haqqani, despite being Pakistan's former ambassador to USA, was kind of a wanted man in Pakistan.

This was because he fell out of the Pakistani Establishment (read Army) after the Memogate Scadal (Since that time, he has not set foot in the country. Post this divorce, Mr Haqqani, once a staunch supporter of the former Pakistani military dictator

Zia ul Haq, became a vehement critic of the military. Some of his greatest hits from this time include: Why Are We Sending This Attack Helicopter to Pakistan? & Breaking Up Is Not Hard to Do - Why the U.S.-Pakistani Alliance Isn’t Worth the Trouble

In short, he started advocating "we" (meaning America, ?) cut ties with Pakistan. Remember, Grenier in his declaration said he was doing research, not lobbying, Haqqani says he was doing research and not lobbying.

But watch what Haqqani says and does as soon as he gets his first payment on 3rd Sep 2021. On 10th Sep 2021, he writes the following article.(

"There is a case for a new round of Pakistan-U.S. engagement [...] Given the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and the need for ensuring another friendly anchor in this very troubled part of the world, Pakistan could be a useful American partner if it wants to be one," He says

A SUDDEN SHIFT! A U-Turn? Magic? Hardly so.

Thats not all. In Sep-Oct 2021, Bajwa along with the then DG ISI visit UAE. (According to a reliable source, Mr Haqqani is invited by the rulers of UAE to hold a private meeting with Bajwa et al during this visit.

There he meets Gen Bajwa, Gen Faiz and other Pak Army officials. This is the first thaw in years. In this meeting, Mr Bajwa puts his issues in front of Mr Haqqani. He needs something. Mr Haqqani does not have issues with those needs, all present, however,

have an issue with Mr Imran Khan, the then PM of Pakistan. Who, at this moment, is ignorant of all this. Some understanding is reached in this meeting. Mr Haqqani to stay directly in touch with Gen Faiz and Bajwa.

Keep it on the low till VoNC happens, and then go all out to support a Bajwa-led "reset of Pak-US relationship" after the success of VoNC. Hence, till April, there is no mention of Haqqani in any Fara declaration.

On 10th April 22, PTI is removed from power through no confidence motion. Haqqani Supports this, supports the military over the civillian govt. He fawns over Bajwa just before the VoNc goes thru. We know what happened after that.

Curiously, in April 2022, Mr Haqqani starts working on a report on reestablishing US-Pakistan relations -- the "Bajwa-led reset". @safridis, a Pakistani researcher based un UK fills an important gap here (

turns out, the regime change operation in Pakistan was not initiated by USA but Bajwa trying to decieve all players at once. To Imran Khan he said 'US is coming for you', to US he was signalling 'IK has it in for you'. By pitting these against each other, he was building space

for himself. And who was his trusted partner in all this? Who was to lobby in DC that Bajwa is The Man When Shit Goes Down? It is the Pakistani military stupid, he says, not the Pakistani Govt, not the Pakistani, people, that should be important for DC.

Our boy used to believe in civillian supremacy a while ago. Sad. Anyway. It is Oct 2022, the moment of truth has come. Gen Bajwa is to arrive in DC to see his wishes come true. This is what all the lobbying was for. This is why Imran Khan was removed.

Gen Bajwa wants an extension and he finally has to sell it in DC. The new trusy sidekick, Haqqani, has finally prepared the report he was working on. The report is called “U.S. Re-Engagement with Pakistan: Ideas for Reviving an Important Relationship".

The gist of this report is in its recommendations. Basically, build a relationship with Pakistan Army, because it is indespensible.

While this report carries the names of many known scholars, none of them, it is reported, actually contributed the report. For example, ask Uzair Younus @UzairYounus which part of the report he wrote and i doubt he will give you a satisfactory answer. It is not because he is evil

but because he is stupid. Which brings me to the most hilarious part of this long long thread. Uzair, may God bless this simpleton, is such a dum dum that while everything has happened under his nose, his name is on the report that Haqani charged $30,000 for,

yet he has been unable to put 2 and 2 together.

To sum it up: - It was not PTI that paid Grenier, or Haqqani, it was Bajwa. - While this money was not technically (legally) for lobbying, this is actually what ended up happening because of this spending, and this was the intent.

- The purpose was to build a pro Army pro bajwa narrative in Dc while VonC went down in Pakistan. - The purpose was to protect Bajwa from fallout in wake of VoNC. - And the purpose was to seek extension for Bajwa so he can do a "Bajwa-led US-Pak reset".

So what happened to the contract with Grenier that ended in Oct 2021? Was it ever renewed? Did he ever get more money? Of course. In June 2022, the contract was renewewed again as we can see in a new FARA daclaration [filed in Oct](of this year.

However, there was only one difference this time, Mr Durrani's signature was missing. It was as if someone had used the old template from PTI Govt's time and just used it as it was. Isn't that amazing? When I asked Mr Durrani, he refused to comment. Ask the Govt he said.

And then a minute later, deleted that message.

— the end —

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