aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



sunaatsu + cockwarming nsfw// "sit on it tsumu" art student!atsumu and volleyball jock!suna shared a college dorm together. they were already dating prior to attending their university. atsumu turned around in his chair and gave rin a deadpan look

"rin m' doin my homework, and ya know these walls are thin" rin was already laying down in bed staring at atsumu from across the room. he shrugged his shoulders "so? let them hear you" oh god. atsumu sighed, he couldn't resist him. even if he tried, but rin had a way of

getting what he wants. atsumu got up and walked over to rin who was already hard which wasn't a surprise since atsumu was in nothing but a oversized t-shirt and socks. he sat on rin's lap, positioning himself so he was comfortable and went on his phone.

he felt him grow within minutes of atsumu sitting on him. "ya need help rin?" rin didn't say anything, all he did was put his phone down and put both hands on each of atsumu's hips, gripping them. atsumu put his phone next to him on the bed and moved down a little bit.

atsumu tugged on the rim of rin's sweatpants and pulled out his dick. it sprung out like some jack in the box toy. atsumu lifted up his shirt and took of his underwear, aligning himself up with rin and slowly started to take rin inside of him. "ah~" atsumu sat down and

didn't move from there. they stood like that for a good while until rin got bored and switched positions. "w-wait rin!" rin smirked, gripping atsumu's hips, he started pounding him. "sorry babe, couldn't resist." atsumu arched his back, spreading his legs a little more so

rin could have some room. "ah hah r-rin~" you could hear the clapping sound through the thin walls of the dorm. luckily for them, osamu and kiyoomi were on the other side and were already prepared for situations like these.

the couple both put on their headphones and continued studying.

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