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Here we go... My 12 step video sales letter framework. For agency owners who want to book more qualified sales calls. When a prospect lands on their site. // THREAD //

Step 1 - Your Bold Claim This is the hook. Think of it as the headline of a sales page. Make sure it has a clear ROI. Monetary increase or % revenue increase or # of new clients. Add a timescale to it. "Within X days"

Step 2 - Pain Points & Stuggles Don't hold back. You have to conjure negative emotions within them. This brings their problem into the present moment. Get this right and your prospect will feel relieved. That someone finally understands them. 3-5 points max.

Step 3 - Future Pace Your Bold Claim Take them out of the pain and struggle. Get them to imagine what it would be like if they had... [insert your bold claim here] Help them to picture what their future will be like when they achieve these results. Make it real for them.

Step 4 - Social Proof Show them they don't have to imagine. It's achievable. By someone just like them. Share a couple of snippets from videos testimonials. Clients showing the clear ROI they've got. If you don't have them. Create short case study examples.

Step 5 - Company Credibility Got some influential people or companies you've worked with? In the same space as your prospect? Share them. Name drop. Even if it's 1 or 2. This will increase your credibility. Don't have any? Don't worry. Leave this section out.

Step 6 - Company Intro Keep this short and sweet. Who you are and what you do. Then share a photo of you and the team. The voiceover briefly introduces each person and what they do. That's it. Now back to your prospect.

Step 7 - Main Benefits 3-5 points max. Make them clear. Concise. Relevant. Choose powerful ones. That will have your prospect drooling with excitement and anticipation.

Step 8 - High-Level Features Your prospect doesn't give a f**k how you get the results. However... This is your chance to share a glimpse of how you work. This adds more credibility. Get's their blood pumping. It makes it real for them. 3-5 points max.

Step 9 - Staying As You Are Turn the screw again. Bring the pain and struggle back into the present. Make them feel the consequence of doing nothing. Of not taking the right action. 3-5 points max.

Step 10 - Remind Them Of Your Bold Claim Bring them back into the light. Get them to imagine again what is possible for them. The transformation they can achieve by working with you.

Step 11 - Social Proof Seal the deal. More video testimonials of prospects just like them. Sharing their results with a clear ROI.

Step 12 - Call To Action Tell them to click the button and book a call. Let them know there's no obligation on their part to move forward. If they don't want to. Take the pressure off.

That's it. That's the framework. Use this and your conversations will increase. Your prospect will be warmed up like a cup of hot cocoa.

@andrehaykaljr and his co-founders hired me to create their new VSL. Listen to the results they got within the first few weeks.

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