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#History An anecdote on the tamizh Thirupanathal Saiva Matam/Mutt at #kasi. Around 1650's the venerated Pontiff of Thirupanathal matam of South India ,Thiru KumaraGuruParar in his travels to revitalise shaivism which has taken a beating due to Mughal invasions, reaches kasi .

That part of India was under the control of Mughal Prince Muhammed Dara Shikoh. He was well known for his tolerance & respect towards other religions unlike his cruel brother Aurangzeb.

The blessed saint is believed to have rode over a lion majestically into the court of Dara to meet him. The Mughal Prince having realized the spiritual power of saint kumaraguruparar ,showed his respect to the saint.

The story goes that Dara asked him what he could do & the saint asked for a land in kasi where he can build a mutt & serve Shaivism. The king gave the option of the place to the saint himself. The saint wanted to renovate the KedarEshawar swamy temple at KedarGhat of kasi.

He said there would be a kite that would fly above the spot, whatever be the area that it circuits in the sky, that should be given to him to build mutt. The kite appeared in the sky & marked the area that included the temple & the land for mutt. DArA happily gave that land.

Kumaraguruapar stayed in kasi for 30 yrs(1658-1688)spreading the glory of Shaivism giving vital support to the Hinduism. He attained samadhi at kasi on a day after fullmoon day in May 1688. The Prince MDS was assasinated by Aurangzeb in power struggle. A loss to Religious UNITY.

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