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Agba John Doe



I agree that if you let some wives know what you earn, they will start to make unnecessary demands. But it still doesn't make it right, to keep her in the dark. It's one way some men have been able to manage their wives, because they know the type of women they're married to.

However, the truth is that if as a man, you don't reveal your earnings to your wife, you'll not be happy about it but you just have to do what needs to be done to save yourself from a covetous wife. We have discussed this several times in this community. I've also used myself

as an example. My wife has records of every pay package I've ever had. Even before we got married, it was the tradition for us. It took many years of commitment & sincerity of purpose, to get to that level. This is what single men in relationships should strive to achieve.

Of all important things a man should judge his wife with, financial responsibility & prudency, should be one of them. When you are open to your wife about your finances, she will not make demands for what she knows you cannot afford to give her. It will give you peace of mind.

If you're a salary earner, once you fulfil the budget for the month, and you give your wife something extra, I do not see her monitoring your expenses anymore. Except you married a greedy & covetous wife. Let her know what you earn. If she decides to take undue advantage of

it, then it's her loss as you cannot be on the same salary or earnings, forever. At least you know you tried to be open to her, but she screwed it up. Don't just assume that she will take undue advantage of it, when you have not even given her the opportunity to prove you

right or wrong. If you don't let her know, you'll create a wrong impression in her mind. You'll make her think you're spending monies for women outside your home. She will continue to make demands because she feels you're being dodgy. And at the end, you'll become angry.

Let your wife know your atm pins. Let her know all the banks you have monies in. Let her know where all your assets are. If I drop dead today, my wife doesn't need to go to my bank. She will just keep using my atm as if it's hers. And she will secure my assets for her and

the children. You don't know what your siblings are planning for you. It's when you're no more, that they'll fight your wife & your children. Stop thinking like the power of life and death is in your hands. If you have a good wife, be open enough to her about your finances.

It will not stop you from enjoying your "privileges" as a man. And of course, there are men who after they get paid, they almost empty their accounts because of responsibilities. That's selflessness. How can you achieve all these? Start now in your serious relationships.

Build trust over time, & be deliberate with it. Don't marry a woman you cannot trust with money. Don't marry a woman that compares what you make with what your friends make. Don't marry a woman that will set you up for failure. Don't marry a woman that will be discussing

what you'll be giving to her parents even before you marry her. Don't marry a woman that wants you to be sharing equally, what you give to your parents and hers. You'll see these signs during serious courtship. And lastly, don't marry a woman you decieved to be what you're

not. She'll resent you in marriage. If what you're making is 100k, don't lie to her that you're making 300k. Tell her what it is, & give her the power & choice to decide if she's okay with it. The peace of a man, is the joy in his wife's face & heart. Ask married men. End.

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