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✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨



#Zhongchi 🔶💧sorta🔞 prostitution, stripper Childe, 🌸 Childe The first thing Zhongli notices as he steps into the club is how absolutely vile it smells, sweat mixed with whatever perfume was being pumped into the air, some cheap cotton-candy sort of scent.

Despite his distaste for such things, he’d lost a bet and now was here. He’s supposed to get… special services as well, from what his friends had told him. They’d set up an appointment for him with some dancer named “Tartaglia” or something of the sort. So, he heads to the area

where the dancers are. On the pole he could see a figure- elegant and skilled, twisting around the pole with so much ease it almost looked easy. When they dropped to the ground, their eyes cast up to Zhongli. Ocean blue eyes… perhaps this was the one his friends were speaking of

According to them, Tartaglia would only offer special services to those he was interested in. Which, fair enough in Zhongli’s opinion. He could respect that. Childe is undeniably beautiful, soft ginger curls messily laid on his head, long lashes framing the round shape of his

Gorgeous blue eyes- and his lips were so soft and glossy, Zhongli couldn’t help but think of kissing them. The elder man had been so stuck in his head he hadn’t even realized Childe walking towards him. Once Childe pushes Zhongli’s hair back, the older man breaks from his daze.

“I saw you staring from across the floor. Is there something you were interested in, handsome?” Zhongli blushes. How is he meant to admit he’s never actually been touched by anyone before at his age and was here on the loss of a bet- with the intention of receiving such service?

“Don’t talk much hm? That’s okay” Childe smiles, taking a seat on his lap, his little panties barely covering his pussy as it rests right over Zhongli’s hips. “I- hah.. I’m just surprised. I heard you were rather picky with your men.” Zhongli says, trying his best not to blow

his cover. “Oh? Did you?” Childe laughs, leaning in close to Zhongli’s ear, “well, you’re just my type” he whispers. “How about I give you some… extra services tonight? I’ll offer you the *first timer’s discount*” he giggles, wiggling his hips a little.

Zhongli’s ears turn red. “I would like that” he hums in response, his heart pounding. His first was going to be with this.. this.. stripper- a beautiful man, and experienced one. He wondered just how far they would go. He wouldn’t mind really putting it in if he got to look at

a face like that… Alas, he hadn’t much more time to think about it once Childe was off his lap and grabbing his hand to lead him off towards their private room. Once they made it there, Zhongli notices the soft perfume scent wafting into the air, floral. As well as a shower

and bath, vanity, etc. it really was set up like a real room- more like a love hotel than something you should be finding at the back of a strip club. Childe was the first to approach, grabbing Zhongli by his belt loops and tugging him forward. “You seem rather inexperienced”

Zhongli opens his mouth to respond before shutting it again and Childe smirks. “Oh~ so my dear customer really is about to have his first time hm?” Childe asks, “Then, I should make sure I don’t disappoint” he purrs, leaning in and nipping at Zhongli’s neck. “Come to bed with

me big boy, I’ll teach you just how good it feels to fuck someone..” And teach he does. Zhongli spends several hours with Childe, the man teaching him every way he likes having his pussy pounded, all while he moans and whines for more. Zhongli really hadn’t even thought

his cock was more than average until Childe kept going on about how big and thick it was, he was even *worried* it might really not fit- or at least he’d said, but Zhongli took all of his praise to heart, blushing like a fool as Childe milked his cock for several rounds.

Afterward, he’d even cuddled up to Zhongli and told him to come again, that maybe he’d even give himself up for free for the man if he could keep fucking him so well.

This was going to be real smut but I got too tired 😭 I’m sorry 😭😭 I hope you enjoyed anyways though ily 🥹💕

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