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I have a college degree But I've learned more about investing from watching Youtube than I did in school Here are 10 Youtube channels that will make you a better investor:

1. ZipTrader Charlie Charlie places an emphasis on day-trading, swing trading, and long-term investment strategies The channel studies price action related events related to news as well as studying trends that swing up and down.

2. Preston Pysh This channel teaches investors how to invest like Warren Buffett. They study macro-economics, value investing, and interviews individual investors.

3. Cooper Academy This channel teaches macro trends while detailing different world events that influence the stock market. They also teach some of basics. This is one of my favorite channels!

4. Ark Invest If you are interested in investing in innovation, this channel details some of the most innovate industries to invest in. ArkInvest open-sources all their research, so you will learn tons of new ideas.

5. Ben Felix Ben's videos are full of academic based statistical evidence for the investing world. If you love statistics and investing, this is the channel for you.

6. Brian Feroldi Brian does an incredible job of breaking down companies from scratch. If you want to learn how to value a company, this is a must-watch channel. Brian also interviews individual investors.

7. FINAiUS This channel does bio-pics on some of the most famous investors ever. If you want to learn about how the greats invested, I highly recommend this one.

8. Dr. Sven Carlin Dr. Carlin created a real value risk model for emerging market stocks. His videos range from individual stock analysis to wider market commentary, and everything in-between. He looks for low-risk, high reward investments.

9. Mark Roussin (@Dividend_Dollar) Mark discusses all things personal finance with an emphasis on dividend stocks. If you are looking to learn about dividend stocks, I highly recommend watching Mark!

10. All In 4 of the best investors of our generation cover all things economic, tech, political, and investing Hearing 4 mega-millionaires debate these issues has opened my mind to different ideas

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