#zhongchi Childe, Scara, and Signora were out having lunch in a cafe. Scara and Signora then dare Childe to propose to a stranger after he lost playing a game. "I'm not going to propose to a random person!" "Do it. You lost." Signora sip her drink.

"Loser have to listen to the winner. Or are you going to back out your promise?" Scara snicker. "Ugh. Fine." Childe look around before standing up. Scara and Signora took out their phone and recorded Childe walking up to a group of friends sharing a table. He walk to the

Nearest person sitting at the end. Childe clear his throat, heart hammering in his chest when the group notice him, all staring at him with confusion. Childe only focus the one in front of him, a man with amber eyes, staring back at him. "Uh-Um- Will you- Ah!"

Childe was too nervous, taking the ring (Signora give him hers) out with shaky hands that he drop it. He was about to pick it up but stop when the other man was quicker, picking the ring up for him. He smile, holding out the ring for Childe. "Here-"

Childe's mind was racing, not thinking much before he slip the ring in his ring finger. "Yes! I do!" He yell out loud, everyone in the cafe all turns their head towards him. It took a moment before realization hit Childe that his face turn bright red. People start

To clap and cheer for the moment, thinking the stranger proposed to Childe. The man's friends were either laughing or looking more confused. Childe can hear his two /idiots/ friends laughing their ass off from the distance. Childe was ready to apologize, body bending

For a bow before he was suddenly pick up bridal carry. His hands shoot out around the man's neck to hold on tight, surprise to being pick up. He look at the man, who was smiling with his eyes that twinkle. "I'm happy to have you as my wife." He said.

"My name is Zhongli. May I know yours?" "A-Ajax... But most people call me Childe...um, can you put me down-" The man turn to his friends. "Excuse me but we shall take my leave. As you can see, Ajax and I have many things to plan for our wedding." "Wait! Wait! No! I was-"

Childe wants to protest. This man can't be serious! This was all a joke! A prank! Who in their right mind get marry to a stranger right then and there?! But Zhongli quickly whisk Childe away, leaving him no room to speak. Childe can see Scara and Signora baffled before

Starting another round of laughter. They're seriously not going to help him?! "Excuse me! Wait please!" Childe squirm in his hold, panic settle in his chest when they're outside the cafe. Zhongli didn't drop him but at least he stopped. "It was a joke! Please let me down!"

They stay in silence before Zhongli hum quietly. "So it was a joke..." "Yes. I'm sorry. I lost to a bet and so I had to propose to a stranger because of my friends as punishment." Childe sigh. "I'm really really sorry to drag you into this." "I see..."

Zhongli shift his hold. Childe thinking Zhongli was finally going to let him down but to his confusion, Zhongli only readjust his hold. "Do you have any plans after this?" "...no? I plan to just head home." No way he's going back to the cafe. He'll just shut himself

In his apartment after dying from embarrassment. Zhongli smile and Childe's heart skipped a beat. "So you're free all day." Zhongli began walking. "If you don't mind, be my company will you?" "...uh why?" "Because I want to know you better." "...again, why...?"

Zhongli stand in front of a car, letting down Childe before unlocking the car and opening the passenger door for him. "Because I want that 'joke' to become a reality." He gesture to Childe to the seat. "That is, if only you would like to. I won't force you."

His mother always taught him to not follow strangers and he really shouldn't follow this stranger he proposed to as a joke...but.. "Is this a date?" "Yes." Zhongli answer swiftly. "I'm asking you out on a date, dear Ajax." Childe blush at his name being called by that voice.

He quickly got in the car, seatbelt strap on. "If you happen to be a killer, I hope you'll kill me painlessly." Zhongli blink before chuckling, bending down to take one of Childe's hand, kissing his knuckles. "If I am a killer, the only thing I wish to take is your heart."

...what a cringy thing to say as well as weird but yet, Childe definitely couldn't help the blush growing on his face. "Hm but locking you up sound much better. I would have you be alive than dead." "..." Okay, Childe may have picked a psychopath... Zhongli close the door

Before going to the driver seat, starting up the car. "Now, let's have an enjoyable date shall we?" Childe only nod, texting to his friends that they may either see the news of his dead body or him being missing. He doesn't know. But Childe also must be crazy for

Feeling excited for this date. -Extra- Venti was laughing, holding onto his stomach as he bang the table with his fist. Guizhong try to shush him but also failing to hold back a laugh. "What was that?!" Venti wheeze.

"Did some random ginger boy and that old blockhead got engaged in front of us?!" Venti laugh before starting a coughing fit. "That was quite a surprise." Guizhong giggle. "But what's more surprising is Zhongli! Who would have thought a young pretty boy would be his type!"

"Are we missing the point Zhongli just basically kidnap a poor youth?" Osial roll his eyes before grinning. "Should we start expecting a wedding invite soon? If it's Zhongli, he'll want the wedding as soon as he can." "That is, if the boy said yes." Guizhong said.

"Did you just forget? They just proposed right in front of us!" Venti shout between laughs. "Still, it's clear to us the boy was forced to do so, probably by his friends." Guizhong check her phone. "But I'm also rooting for Zhongli."

"That young man is the first person Zhongli is interested in. Maybe now he'll finally learn to relax and not overwork himself." She send a quick text to Zhongli. 'Good luck and BEHAVE! Don't scare him off okay! :D Make him yours!'

She soon got a reply as well as a photo attached to it. The photo was the young man looking in awe at a fancy restaurant. Quite cute with the boy looking like an excited child. 'You don't need to tell me to behave. I am a gentleman, not some beast.'

. . . '...I didn't behave. I am a beast...' Guizhong got that text late at night, squinting her eyes at Zhongli's text and the photo he send. A photo of Childe sleeping peacefully in his arms...with hickey all over his neck. ...wow. Osial was right. The wedding will be soon

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