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Shreya Shivratriwar



Concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) in Python⭐ Thread ???

1. Class A class provides a template or a blueprint that describes the structure and behaviour of a set of similar objects.

2. Object An object is an instance of a class which can be uniquely identified by its name. Every object has a state which is given by the values of its attributes at a particular time.

3. Polymorphism Polymorphism is a concept that enables programmers to assign a different meaning or usage to a method in different context.

4. Inheritance Inheritance is the capability of one class to derive or inherit the properties from another class.

5. Data abstraction Data abstraction is the process by which data and functions are defined in such a way that only essential details are revealed and the implementation details are hidden.

6. Data encapsulation Data encapsulation (hiding) is the technique of packing data and functions into single component to hide implementation details of a class from users.

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