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Justin Welsh



10 powerful little Twitter hacks every user should know:

1/ Most popular Tweets Ever wanted to find someone's most popular Tweets of all time? Or maybe their most popular recent Tweets? Install @TwemexApp and instantly find them all.

2/ Most active times It's best to Tweet when your followers are online. Do you know when they are most active? Twitter doesn't tell you, but @Followerwonk does Get more engagement with better timing.

3/ Auto-retweeting for growth The shelf-life of a Tweet is about 24 hours. One great way to get more engagement is to Retweet yourself. I RT myself 9 hours later using @hypefury The best part? They Un-Retweet 24 hours later. That keeps your profile nice and clean.

4/ Auto-plugging for subscribers @Hypefury will also auto-plug your newsletter. - Select the number of likes/engagements. - Create your custom message to add-on Voila. If your post reaches the threshold, it will auto-plug your newsletter. Great for products/services too.

5/ Hyper-fast engagement Engaging with top accounts is crucial. I use @blackmagic_so to create my list of important accounts. It shows me how many Tweets I've missed from them. Then, 2x per day, I engage at hyper-speed to keep growing. You can do it right from the sidebar!

6/ Personal Twitter CRM Struggle to remember everyone's kid's names? Or maybe how you met? Or if someone introduced you? @blackmagic_so also has built-in CRM functionality. Never forget another important detail.

7/ Bookmark folders Want to save and organize your favorite Tweets? With @TwitterBlue you can build out an entire file cabinet of bookmarks. Just sign up, build out your folders, and get saving.

8/ Creating powerful lists Lists are a powerful way to organize a relevant Twitter ecosystem. Just create your lists and add your people. Once you do, you can visit lists to see all relevant Tweets from that group. Great for groups, local meetups, and any other organization.

9/ Mute conversations Ever get mentioned in a tweet & you start getting hundreds of notifications? It clogs up your whole notification feed. Expand the details of the tweet and click the 3 dots on the top right-hand corner. Then, click "mute this conversation."

10/ Hide Twitter Trends Twitter trends are usually negative. And they can be distracting and detrimental to your mental health. Unless you install "Hide Twitter Trends". This plugin will let you focus and regain your sanity by hiding the trends section. Highly recommend.

That's a wrap! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. If you enjoyed this thread: 1. Follow me @thejustinwelsh for more of these 2. RT the tweet below to share this thread with your audience

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