How to build killer SEO. 8 steps to dominate Google Search for your niche:

Get Your Website to Run 3x Faster Increased site speed = better SEO and better visitor retention Easily do this by: • Using WP Rocket: a WordPress plugin that optimizes your website • Using Smush: compress all the images on your site

Identify Your Keywords Create a keyword research sheet → a list of the top keywords for your product Find top keywords by: • Running competitors through “Organic Research” on SEMrush • Running these top keywords through UberSuggest, which gives you more keywords

Create Unique SEO Landing Pages Build unique landing pages for each use-case your business may tackle. For example, a content agency might have individual pages for: • LinkedIn optimization • Twitter content • Social media management

Create a Comprehensive Content Outline Optimize: • Target word count: Aim for 1.5x-2x your competitor • Header structure: 2-3 changes from your competitor • What to write about: Browse Reddit + Quora and look for common, repeated questions

Write Great Content Your content can be optimized, but it needs to be great to truly compete. • Know your audience • Use Grammarly & Hemingway • Avoid fluff, every sentence should add value • Hire great writers from ProBlogger / Cult of Copy

Intensive Link-Building In a competitive niche, links are going to be the deciding factor in what ranks. Learn: • Guest posting • "Linkable asset" • Broken link building • Skyscraper technique

Link-Build via Communities 1. Find where your target audience hangs out → Subreddits, Hacker News 2. Identify the type of content they love → Content on SEO tactics 3. Create great content → Write a 14k word article with 30+ tactics 4. Promote it via the groups

Keep Track of Rankings & Make Improvements You’re never really “done” with SEO. Continue to maintain your: • Analytics • Backlinks • Internal links • Content quality And scale!

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