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NEW TO #INDYCAR? Here’s a primer with everything you need to know to watch this weekend’s race at @BarberMotorPark. #IndyCar / #HIGPA A thread! ?⬇️

We’re at the first road course of the season this weekend! ? Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama ?@BarberMotorPark / Birmingham, AL ? 2.3-mile / 17 turn ? 90 laps / 207 miles ? #HIGPA / #IndyCar ? Sunday, May 1 ? @IndyCaronNBC / @IndyCarRadio at 1pm ET

Welcome to @BarberMotorPark! This natural terrain road course in the hills of Alabama is known for it’s beautiful, artistic grounds and high-grip racing surface that makes it incredibly physically demanding for the drivers. #HIGPA / #IndyCar

#IndyCar races on 3 different types of circuits—road courses, temporary street circuits, and ovals. Barber is our first natural terrain road course of the season. #HIGPA

While it may seem like road courses and street circuits are the same because they both turn left and right, there are a lot of things that make road courses unique. #IndyCar / #HIGPA

If you’re coming from F1, you might be used to track limits. IndyCar rarely enforces track limits because most of our run-offs are not paved. #IndyCar / #HIGPA

Another thing we don't have in #IndyCar? Power steering (or power-assisted brakes). This means our drivers have to have incredible strength and conditioning to drive these heavy cars. #HIGPA

On road and street circuits like this weekend, we have two tire compounds that each car must run each race—@FirestoneRacing reds (a softer compound) and the harder Firestone blacks (aka: primary tires). Plus a rain tire for wet race weekends. #IndyCar / #HIGPA

We do knockout qualifying for road courses. The field is split into two groups. The top 6 qualifiers from each group move onto the Fast 12. Then the top 6 qualifiers from that session move onto the Fast 6 to run for pole. #IndyCar / #HIGPA ? Sat., Apr. 30 @ 1pm ET / Peacock

On road and street circuits in #IndyCar, driver's have Push-to-Pass—an extra boost of horsepower engaged by a button on the steering wheel to help with overtaking. #HIGPA

Blue flags have been quite a controversial topic lately in #IndyCar. Remember: the vast majority of blue flags in IndyCar are *not mandatory* blue flags. #HIGPA

Here are a few drivers to watch this weekend! As always, there are tons of stories to follow (too many to cover here), but here’s who I’ll be watching. #IndyCar / #HIGPA

Story to watch this weekend: The first road course of the season—who shines? Which drivers are born road racers? Which teams have the road course package to beat? #IndyCar / #HIGPA

Story to watch this weekend: Josef Newgarden is a 3-time Barber winner, has won the past 2 races, and he could win an extra $1 million by winning at Barber. But his 2021 race was over on lap one—does he get redemption in 2022? #IndyCar / #HIGPA

Story to watch this weekend: Keep an eye on the weather forecast! Early forecasts show a possibility of rain which can change the entire complexion of the race. Follow @Indycar_Wxman to get the latest forecasts. #IndyCar / #HIGPA

Story to watch this weekend: who takes the momentum into the Month of May? The biggest month in #IndyCar starts this weekend—so who leaves Alabama with the always-important momentum? #IndyCar / #HIGPA

Alright, you're ready to watch this weekend! Here’s all your session times for this weekend in one easy place! All TV broadcasts will be on @peacockTV (with the race also being on @IndyCaronNBC). Radio broadcasts on @IndyCarRadio. #IndyCar / #HIGPA

Also, we have phone wallpapers with all the sessions, too! Grab the one for your time zone and put it on your phone for easy reference. #IndyCar / #HIGPA

Shout out to @mgoodier007 for looking over this for me this time! ❤️

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