tajemnica πŸ–€πŸŒ±

tajemnica πŸ–€πŸŒ±



LRT... cw mild emeto reference, spit, gagging, miyacest obv please... osamu walking in on atsumu testing his gag reflex and startling him so bad he nearly pukes on his desk

tsumu wiping his mouth and stammering while osamu quietly observes in the drooly pen in his hand, the wadded up tissue nearby, his unbuttoned pants...

hard to say which way it would go, though... would samu get competitive? "yer such a scrub, i could do better than that, and i ain't even gay"? (atsumu’s pink cheeks as he tries to squeak out a "fuck off, me neither," and lets osamu take the same pen?)

or would he go "tch," roll his eyes, hold his hand out until tsumu hands it over and then help him do it right? bracing his shoulder with one hand, tsumu's big panic-eyes looking up at him all confused and pretty and freaked out when osamu says "open up," and prods at his tongue

atsumu blinking through tears, trying to keep his eyes open as his throat spasms, tasting plastic on the furthest back of his tongue as osamu tips his head back, moving his hand to support the back of his neck as he stands over him and digs around in his throat

his gag reflex is strongβ€”because he's new at fucking with it, and also because he's human and his body doesn't want him to dieβ€”but his brother is stronger, watching the way atsumu's face contorts as he struggles, trying not to drown on his own spit.

eventually the pen gets tossed, trailing strings of drool into atsumu's lap (where somehow he's actually getting hard again), and it only gets worse when it's osamu's fingers prying his mouth open instead, climbing inside and burning his tongue with salt

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