atsusuna // 15 "loud, so everyone can hear" It took an Inarizaki reunion for Suna to crack. He'd been good, keeping his feelings for Atsumu at bay. The twins treated everything like a competition, including which one of them he liked the most. As if it weren't obvious.

"You dote on him," Osamu claimed once. Suna narrowed his eyes, and Osamu amended. "You reply to his tweets more often." "I knew you kept track of that," he muttered, holding his phone to his face to hide his blush. "Have you no shame?" Osamu just looked triumphant.

He was good at that; not needing to use words to describe how he felt, what he was thinking. Maybe he surrounded himself with people who understood him. Maybe he had the misfortune of loving someone who was nearly willfully obtuse.

For how good Atsumu was at reading him on the court, he hadn't picked up on Inarizaki's worst kept secret. Suna's crush. Which has lasted - as anyone can tell you, especially Aran, who witnessed his disaster of a confession 3rd year - /way too long./

And no matter what he does - sitting next to Atsumu whenever he can, making him Instagram famous, responding to his stupid twitter dares, including the one with the ice that ruined his hair for a week - Atsumu doesn't seem to get it. At all.

"You might be one of my best friends, Rin!" he said, rubbing his fresh haircut. Suna doesn't let people touch his hair. Atsumu isn't people, though. "Yeah. Same here." His mouth was too dry for honesty. But this reunion? A nightmare.

Atsumu was (loudly) proclaiming his despair at being MSBY's single old maid. "It just ain't fair!" he yelled, not noticing the way their old teammates all glanced at Suna down the long table of the izakaya, "I'm so old they don't even call me an eligible bachelor anymore."

"Suna's still single," Osamu said, three beers deep and dangerous. "Are ya calling him an old maid too?" /Suna/ glared at Osamu, who smirked right back. "He's younger than us! I'm in the twilight of my life and he's got his pretty, golden years left."

While Osamu yelled at his brother over being called 'old', Suna experienced every human emotion possible while processing what Atsumu said. /Pretty/ he thought, feeling his warm cheeks and hoping he could blame it on the alcohol. /Pretty/ while he willed his heartbeat down.

/Pretty/ when Atsumu sat back down at the table, hair all ruffled from where Osamu had ruined it during their scuffle, and Suna sipped his highball to refrain from saying something he might regret. "Sorry, Rin," Atsumu said, winking up at him and grabbing his arm so he'd listen.

"I didn't mean to lump ya in with the likes of me. There are plenty of fish in the sea, if you want 'em!" Suna wants the stupidest fish in the Pacific. Atsumu's hand is so goddamn warm, and he makes fun of Suna's flush as he pulls back and turns to yell at Aran about something.

Pressing his cool glass to his cheeks, Suna decides to be the second stupidest fish in the sea. "You're lucky I love you," he mutters softly. Everyone's eyes snap to him. Conversations lull naturally every seven minutes, and as the chatter died around him, Suna's quiet +

confession carried loud enough for the entire table to hear. /Including/ Atsumu, who gaped like a fish. "Shit." Suna stumbled up from the table. Or tried to, because a sober, warm, familiar hand stopped him. One that raised the gooseflesh on his arms and made him blush.

Atsumu blinked at him in a daze. "Do ya want me to be your fish, Rin?" /We'll be stupid fucking fish together/ Suna decided, dragging Atsumu out into the cold. He wants to say it again, right into his lips, this time. (fin)

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