Investment Books (Dhaval)

Investment Books (Dhaval)



Let's Understand Stock Market through Visual Handcrafted Notes (Thread) Visual Credit - @safalniveshak 1. Stock Selection Framework

2. Type Of Management

3. Business Analysis

4. Business Quality - Growth Matrix

5. The Factors Of Business Greatness

6. Capital Allocation 101

7. Circle Of Competence 101

8. Red Flags To Watch Out For

9. Financial Shenanigans

10. Why Value Investing Work

11. The Return Of FOMO

12. Bull Market's Three Silent Killers

13. How IPOs Are Priced

14. Is Investing Science Or Art

15. Know What You Control

16. Becoming A Full-Time Investor

17. How We Spend Our Time In Investing

18. When to Sell

Bonus - Safal Niveshak's favorite books on investing Visit Collection Here -

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