paulettesucr'⁷ C❄️mms open

paulettesucr'⁷ C❄️mms open



nsfw Kiyoomi trying to finish his book because he is so into it and has been thinking about it all day long, while Atsumu is horny and sucks on his neck, cockwarming him so "this way yer set the moment you're finished with this shitty book!"

Kiyoomi had 10 pages left, and he is almost at the grand reveal, he feels the satisfying ending coming, but he also feels how painful his hard dick starts to feel. They've been like that for 30 minutes, without moving, except Atsumu rocking his hips from time to time.

The tension is building up inside his body, but he can't get the book down. He needs to start moving his dick inside Atsumu or he is gonna combust but he wants to continue reading. "Move, Atsu. I will reward you after." "What? Talking to me like I'l your bitch?" "Exactly."

So Atsumu, he tries to get them both off, but even though his thighs are the strongest Kiyoomi's has seen, the pace isn't right, it's not fast enough. At one point, Kiyoomi can't keep on like this. He throws his book on the ground, flips Atsumu so he is laying on the couch

and starts thrusting in him. They were both too aroused that it barely lasted two minutes. Kiyoomi barely registers the cum drying on his torso or his labored breath, he runs to his book to try to find the page he was while Atsumu tries to catch him to cuddle.

Finally, Atsumu has his ways, cluthing onto Kiyoomi while he finishes the book, quietly murmuring while putting it down after reading the last sentence. "Fuck me, this was shit..." /fin Yeah, just a silly thread...

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