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11 key things to never give FUCK about and you'll guarantee yourself happiness and success 5 years from today

1. Waiting for the "right time". For a fact, you'll never feel ready Normalize taking risks without getting attached to the outcome

2. Chasing cheap dopamine Cheap thrills will make you get frustrated and hate your life This is the shortest route to miseries

3. People's attention Normalize walking walking some paths alone because goals are personal

4. Instant gratification You need 1000+ consistent hours inorder to realize what you want Practice delayed gratification all the time and you'll always get a perfect answer

5. Addiction Get addicted to anything or anyone and book a ticket to eternal depression. Stay miles away to anything that gives you intense joy Get addicted to nothing except the air you breathe

6. People opinions Few want the best out of you but most are happy you're suffering Don't let anyone instill their beliefs on you.

7. Postponing anything for tomorrow This tells you don't want it bad enough and "your later" will turn to never

8. Saying yes to everything Saying no to everything is saying yes to something.

9. Your current 9-5 job 9-5 is a paradise of trouble Invest in something that can save and get you off grid 5 years from today.

10. Being right Make mistakes, fail and learn, that's how you'll grow. Regrets of not trying pains more than failing

11. Limitations You can turn around your life for better at any age, it's never late to start anything Your thoughts are your only limitations

12. Social media Everyone is posting their wins, don't be tricked and hate your life. The real flex is focusing on yourself and grow at your pace

13. Common beliefs What's common is a lie and comfortable. Comfortable is pathetic and depressing asf What's uncommon holds the answer

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