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#miyatwins, cw: blood and injury Watching his brother take a hit that was supposed to be his was Atsumu's last straw. While Osamu wasn't really your run of the mill good kid, he was a decent one, better than Atsumu that is.

His brother never got into fights, so when a fist was headed straight to him, Osamu didn't know where to look and what to do. When Atsumu was done beating up whatever gangster he had problems with that day, he quickly went to Osamu's side.

"Scrub. Ya dumb fucker," he angrily mutters as he pushed Osamu to sit up against the wall. His nose was bleeding, and he had a big ol bruise on the side of his face. Atsumu winces. Yikes, Aran ain't gonna let that slide when he sees them tomorrow.

"Tsumu, get out-" Osamu pushed Atsumu over, and before the blond could get mad, his brother wretched and vomitted. He coughed and shook, and all Atsumu could do was rub his back. "Takin' hits when ya dont even know how." Atsumu mumbles. Osamu whines, the sound softening

his heart. "Can ya stand?" "Y-Yeah." He helps Osamu to his feet, taking note of his wobbly legs and slight limp. "C'mon. Takin ya home." "What about mmblrhh." "Hah?" Atsumu could barely hear him. "Birthday." Osamu says. "Ya promised- that dessert shop."

Osamu coughs. "Ya promised we'd go on our birthday." He sniffed. "Waited fer ya at the gates. Ya didn't come so I had ta-" Osamu dissolves in a series of coughs again. Shit. Atsumu felt more guilt eating up inside. He did promise Osamu that. Promised him that he'll be good that

day, that they'll go and get those soufflé pancakes or whatever that Osamu likes and celebrate their birthday. "Sorry Samu." He says. "Don't think we'd be welcomed in a dessert cafe all bruised up like this." Osamu grunts, but he didn't say anything else. The silence eats at

Atsumu, gnawing through his conscience as they wobbled home. No one was home. As expected. After ma died, their father rarely ever did came home. Atsumu helped Osamu to his room, managed to convince him to rinse his mouth and wounds before ushering him to

his bed. "Hey," he says after Osamu tucks himself in. "I'm sorry Samu. I knew how much ya wanted ta go and-" "Ya knew, and yet ya still do shit like this." Osamu turns around, his back facing Atsumu. "Whatever Tsumu. Guess I was stupid to get my hopes up anyway." "But I-"

"Ya better leave before I throw up on ya again." And that was that. Atsumu gets to his feet and shuffles out. He sighs. Osamu is probably gonna cry. His brother is a little crybaby after all, and knowing that just makes him want to tear all his hair out.

"Fuck." He grunts. He goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water. As he angrily opens the fridge, he caught sight of the eggs and milk in there. He paused. Maybe... Maybe he can still make up to Osamu. xx Osamu did cry himself to sleep, but he congratulated himself

for not outright sobbing into his pillow. He shouldn't have expected much Atsumu, but that blond shithead is all he has left that he can call family. Their dad just sends money and pretends they don't exist, and their ma is buried six feet under. In all his nonchalance, he had

hoped that Atsumu had picked up on how excited he was for today. His brother had promised him. And he always promises Osamu stuff and breaks it eventually, but this one stings the most. And no, it's not because of the cut on his lip either. He at least thought

Atsumu valued him as high as he does him. Atsumu's all Osamu got right now, and time again had proven that maybe Osamu's placing hope in the wrong place. He woke up to a headache and soft knocks on his door. He made a grunting noise, prompting his door to open.

"Hey, slept off that pain yet?" "What d'ya want, jackass?" Osamu groans. "Can't let me sleep in peace." "It's still our birthday." Osamu glanced at his digital clock. 11.50 pm. "Yeah, and?" He huffs. "Ya don't seem to care." "Osamu," Atsumu sounds exasperated. "Will ya

just... Look?" Osamu wants to ignore him, but he can't. So he turns around and his eyes widened at the sight of his brother. Atsumu was at his door, a silly party hat on his head, holding what seemed to look like stacks of pancake. A small candle was jammed in

the middle, its flames flickering as Atsumu steps closer. "Happy birthday." He says. "I know this ain't what ya really wanted. But I tried my best. And," Atsumu looks away. "Didn't wanna spend the rest of our birthday fightin' with ya."

"... Yer such a jerk." "I know." Atsumu sighs. "Yer all I have, though," Osamu says as he sits up. He flashes Atsumu a small smile. "Hope ya aint disappointed." Atsumu grumbles, taking a seat at the edge of the bed. "Oh, already am." Osamu snorts.

"Hey!" "But like I said, yer family, Tsumu." Osamu sags against Atsumu's shoulder. "Yer all I have." "Yer all I have too." They were quiet, staring at the dancing flame slowly melting the candle wax onto the poorly made pancakes.

Osamu chuckles. "Better blow this out before yer pancakes becomes even more inedible." He jokes. Atsumu nudges him with his shoulder in irritation. Osamu laughs. "On three," he says. They counted, and at one, both of them blew the flame out. Smoke lingers in the air,

but Osamu no longer felt his anger. Instead, a fondness crept in him, seeing the pancakes that Atsumu had clearly tried to make look nice. There were still dried batter stuck to the sides of his twin's nails. "Thanks, Tsumu." "It coulda been better. And that's my fault."

"Yeah, but," Osamu picks up the fork. "This is fine too." He looks up at Atsumu. "We're spendin it together. So it's good." "Sap." "Eat or I'll sock ya in yer face." "Heh." Atsumu grins but takes up the other fork. They ate the pancakes, talking about

things that shouldn't have to matter and telling jokes till their stomachs ache from their laughter. They sat hunched over the plate, heads pressed against each other, munching and talking until the clock strikes 12. Birthday spent together, Osamu thinks with a smile. /End

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