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#taekookau where taehyung leaves little toy ducks on everyone’s desk at work.

based off this tiktok bc i found it so cute ?

— just a short & cute au — coworkers to lovers — ignore timestamps & typos — pls quote your thoughts!!! — i’m writing this as i go so pls be patient with me ^_^ — enjoy ✨

things to know: — jk is the cliché ceo who only works and has no social life uwu — tae is jk’s assistant and loves ducks — hobi works in marketing — jin is the former ceo and jk’s brother — joon works in accounting — yoongi works in HR — jimin works in inventory














14. (note: this is over weeks)







21. [10 DAYS LATER]







28. Jungkook doesn’t think he’s ran so fast in his life, his shoes echoing hard against the hallway of the office. He feels like he’s been running forever, from the break room to the boardroom to the photocopier.

29. But no matter here he goes, he can’t seem to find the one person he’s looking for. He keeps asking around too but he always gets the same answer — no one knows. It’s making his heart pound so violently against his chest it’s becoming hard to breathe and to think.

30. He ignores the pain though and keeps looking. He couldn’t have left yet. Not yet. Please not yet.

31. He hasn’t even been able to apologize or anything. He has so much to say, so much he’s wanted to say for so long, even before the duck thing they had going on. He didn’t know he had the words and the feelings hidden inside him until now, but they’re there and they’re loud.

32. And they’re ready to fight through the wall he had built around them. He’s ready and wants to get them out, before it’s too late. If only he can- “TAEHYUNG!” His assistant pauses from where he just walked through door,

33. A takeout container in his hand and confusion on his face. He must have just been out on lunch. He still has time. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Taehyung rolls his eyes, irritated, but Jungkook doesn’t let that stop him from marching towards him.

34. “I told you Jungkook i’m taking my lunches now.” He huffs out, not realizing the determination on his boss’ face. “I have a right to go and-“ Jungkook had a plan in his head; apologize, beg for him to stay, apologize some more.

35. But to actually have Taehyung in front of him, to still have a chance…well he couldn’t stop himself from taking it. So he grabbed his waist mid sentence and pulled him in, smashing their lips together in one swift movement.

36. For a moment, everything freezes — the time, the people, the rain hitting against the window outside, his heart. It just stops and gives Jungkook a second to really take in the fact that he just kissed Taehyung.

37. The stillness lasts for what feels like forever, both Jungkook and Taehyung not moving an inch. But then Jungkook gets brave and melts into the feeling, tilting his head a bit. It draws out a soft sound from Taehyung before he kisses him back,

38. And then everything starts moving again. The kiss is slow and sweet, but sensual and takes the CEO’s breath away, his hand tightening on Taehyung’s waist. He doesn’t even know how long it last, time just blends into one as their lips move against each other hesitantly,

39. But also filled with hunger as if they both just want to devour each other. It’s making him dizzy, makes him want more, makes him realize what the actual fuck he’s doing.

40. He eventually pulls away slowly, his heart leaping in his chest when he flutters his eyes open and sees Taehyung’s lips trying to chase his, until he realizes and snaps back with wide eyes. They both pause, silence heavy, and then- “There’s a reason. To stay.”

41. It takes a few seconds but Taehyung furrows his eyes and replies. “W-What?” “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have just kissed you like that but I just…god Taehyung I think i’ve always liked you? but I didn’t know how to express it or tell you,”

42. “And you were my assistant! I didn’t want to make things weird. But then the ducks happened and you just made me so…happy. I don’t know, just— please don’t quit.” Taehyung’s confused look only deepens and sends Jungkook a few nervous butterflies.

43. “Um, what are you talking about?” Jungkook swallows. “Your email. You said you were gonna quit.” “I…never sent you an email Jungkook. I’m not gonna quit. What are you talking about?”

44. Jungkook’s brain stutters for a few seconds before a harsh red takes over his cheeks, his heart dropping to his stomach. /Shit./ “Jungkook…” /He’s gonna reject him./

45. The fear builds, anything that Taehyung is saying turning into white noise, until the CEO blurts out a quick sorry and runs away as fast as he possibly can. Leaving a very confused Taehyung behind, not seeing the blush on his cheeks as he raises a finger to his lips.






note: im sure there’s more rules around workplace relationships but lets just ignore that for now thank you lol ?




— END ?

final note; and that’s it!! lol this was just for fun and i haven’t written an au in a while but i how you liked it!! see you next time!! BIG MWAH ?

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