Oh god same high school sakuatsu where kiyoomi is walking atsumu home and when they arrive at his gate kiyoomi bids atsumu goodnight. But before he could go, atsumu grabs at his sweater sleeves and stops kiyoomi. "Ya know... Nobody's home right now, omi..." Kiyoomi sweats.

Omi: uhm, osamu? Atsu: hes staying the night at sunarins and ma isn't going to come home until tomorrow morning. so stay? Omi: *vibrating*

Omi: *thinking atsumu doesnt notice the connotations* alright maybe just for a bit... Atsu: sweet! ? *has lube and condoms ready under his pillow*

Atsumu and osamu planned this ahead when their mother said shes going on a business trip (osamu is sucking sunas dicc right abt now)

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