// #sakuatsu nsfw, breeding kink, creampie kiyoomi pouding into atsumu's heat, making him whine. it's the third tim atsumu has cummed but kiyoomi kept chasing his orgasm. "o-omi, fuck," atsumu was crying, "are ya gonna cum soon?"

"i got too much stamina, love," kiyoomi whispered against his lips, "you already know so." sakusa's fingers were almost printed in atsumu's waist and thighs, same goes to hickeys left on his neck and tits. "gonna make you feel full of my cum," kiyoomi stated, +

"can wait to see your belly full of my babies." "yeah, omi, please," atsumu nodded as he picked a pace to chase his last orgasm (hopefully), "need yer babies in me." "and you gonna breed them with this beautiful titties of yours, love," sakusa sucked on his right nipple.

"our healthy babies," atsumu cummed for the third time, "omi, need your cum." "just a sec," he punctuated every word with a deep thrust, "cumming, babe." kiyoomi's seed overfloded atsumu's hole so the raven tried to fill the blond up with it, using his fingers.

"just to make sure you can get pregnant," kiyoomi said as he grabbed the thickest butt plug, "well done, love." sakusa kissed miya's forehead as he laid next to him, "look at the bulge." "can't wait for our babies, omi." "i already want them too."

unfortunately atsumu couldn't get pregnant since he doesn't have an uterus but they did their best. // fin :p

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