We searched for keywords like "demand outlook" and "TAM expansion" in our slide database, looking for industries with high structural demand. Let's take a look at our findings ๐Ÿงต 1. The gene editing market is expected to grow with a >20% CAGR over the next decade:

2. The online casino market is both resilient and fast-growing:

3. Bioenergy demand is growing incredibly fast:

4. The demand for EV charging infrastructure is skyrocketing:

5. Renewable energy is growing quickly as fossil fuel is phased out:

6. It is very early days for the commercial Cannabis market:

7. Battery energy storage installations are expected to grow at a >30% clip until 2030:

8. Speaking of batteries, here's a slide showing nickel demand (used for automotive batteries):

180 trillion gigabytes of data, up from 33 trillion in 2018.. let that sink in. 9. Global data creation growth:

10. Another industry that is benefiting from the PHEV/EV transition is semiconductors:

11. Offshore wind energy installations are expected to grow with a 28% CAGR until 2030:

12. The amount of minerals used in EVs are >6x that of a conventional car:

13. Despite the size of $GOOG and $META, digital ad spend is still growing rapidly:

14. The market for biosimilars is expected to grow at ~17% CAGR over the next five years:

15. Global mobile network data traffic is expected to 5x over the next five years:

16. The huge credit opportunity in India:

17. This was surprising, but land-based fish farming is apparently growing incredibly fast:

18. Cloud penetration is still fairly low in Europe (and likely all over the world):

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